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Degree & Diploma Parchments

Paper Parchment

Translation of Degree Parchment


All degree parchments are presented in Latin to candidates for degrees at Commencements. Employers and other institutions will sometimes request an English translation of your degree parchment - this is provided by the Academic Registry on request from the graduate. All translations issued on A4 University letterhead by the Academic Registry are certified and endorsed with an official University stamp. Translations can also be sent by email in PDF format. Please allow a minimum of 3 to 5 working days to process your request.

If you require any other letter in relation to your time studying at Trinity College Dublin please consult our Letter Requests page for more information.

All awards other than degrees are originally presented in English by the University and do not require a translation.

Verification of Parchments


Only one copy of your degree exists - the Academic Registry does not retain additional copies. Your degree/diploma parchment is a valuable legal document and if misplaced or destroyed only a duplicate copy can be issued.

If required, a graduate may have a copy of their parchment(s) authenticated upon presentation to the Academic Registry Service Desk. Graduates must present valid photo ID and provide the A4 reduced size photocopies of the original parchment which will be stamped and certified as true copies of the original. Parchments can also be certified by email - graduates can scan a PDF copy of their parchment to and a PDF of a certified version will be returned by email. Please allow a minimum of 3 to 5 working days to process your request.

Replacement Duplicate Parchment


A duplicate parchment may be issued provided applicants declare in writing that to the best of their belief their original parchment has been destroyed, or has been lost for more than 12 months, or did not reach them through the post (if the award was made in absentia); and that if the original certificate is found they will return the replacement duplicate to the Academic Registry. All duplicate parchments issued are identical to the original with the exception of "Duplicate" marked at the top and bottom of the parchment.

The fee for all replacement degree/diploma parchments is €105. Applicants may pay the fee by cheque (made payable to TCD No.1 account), providing credit/debit card details or in person at the Academic Registry Service Desk. The issue of duplicate parchments is subject to receipt of the fee in full.

How to Apply for a Translation/Replacement Parchment


Application for a translation or a replacement parchment should be made by contacting the Academic Registry with these details

  • Your full name when you were registered at Trinity College Dublin
  • Date of birth
  • Student number (if available)
  • Award to be replaced/translated (eg, B.A., Ph.D.)
  • Years registered at Trinity College Dublin
  • Home address (as currently recorded by the University)
  • Details of how translation/replacement is to be provided (e.g. email address, postal address)