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Student Grants

Higher Education Grants are awarded at undergraduate and postgraduate level. In addition to free tuition at undergraduate level, the principal support available is a means-tested maintenance grant. Depending on the course you are pursuing, you may be eligible for a grant.

You can obtain full details of the grant schemes from the Student Universal Support Ireland. Details are available on the SUSI website

Applications for a grant should be submitted in the same name in which the student is / will be registered.

Notification to TCD of Grant Entitlement

Prior to registration, newly approved students must submit to the Academic Registry Service Desk a copy of their official notification letter of the award of a grant from a Grant Authority or SUSI. This will allow the Academic Registry to include your grant on your record and will facilitate your online registration on

Issue of Grant Cheques

Students who are receiving grants through Local Grant Authorities may receive their grant via cheque or electronic fund transfer. Students are advised to consult their grant authority to verify the payment method.

Students receiving their grant via cheque normally have their grant cheques are issued in three instalments at the beginning of each Term (ie, Michaelmas, Hilary, and Trinity) and these can be collected from the Academic Registry Service Desk during office hours.

Grant holders who satisfy certain conditions may be eligible for what is known as a ‘top-up grant’, an amount additional to the ordinary grant, which is sent to the University for subsequent issue to the student.

The Academic Registry will only issue grants cheques upon presentation of a valid TCD student ID card.

Grant cheques will be issued only to students who use the same name with both the University and Grant Authority (ie, the name in which the student is / will be registered should be the name in which application for a grant is made).

Registered students who are currently on an exchange or visiting programme may nominate a third party in to collect their grant cheque, identifying the instalments to be collected. The nominated person will be required to show photographic ID when collecting the cheque(s). A nomination form for grant collection can be downloaded here.

Nominations may only be made using the prescribed form. The form can be posted or scanned and returned to the office. Emails nominating a third party to collect a grant cheque cannot be accepted.

Student Universal Support Ireland (SUSI) Grants

Students who are having their student contribution paid by a grant from SUSI should inform the University prior to registration.

Students can include their SUSI application number at the sponsorship screen during fee payment each academic year. New applicants who have not yet had their sponsorship confirmed may enter their SUSI application number to have their student contribution waived at that stage - should their grant application be declined the student will then be liable for the fees.

If the SUSI application number is not entered at the sponsorship screen during fee payment the student may bring confirmation of their application or grant approval, showing their SUSI application number to the Academic Registry Service Desk.

Student Loans - UK Residents Only (Including Northern Ireland)

The Student Loans Company (SLC), administers government-funded loans and grants to students throughout the United Kingdom. It is responsible for UK student support in partnership with Local Authorities in England and Wales, the Student Awards Agency for Scotland, the Education and Library boards in Northern Ireland, the Higher Education Institutions and HM Revenue & Customs.

All queries regarding student loans should be directed to the Student Loans Company Ltd.

Confirmation of Registration to the Student Loans Company

All students in receipt of a student loan must present their “University or College Payment Advice” (which includes their student support number) to the Academic Registry Service Desk following annual registration. This allows the University to verify to the Student Loans Company the student's registered status so that fund may be transferred by electronic fund transfer (EFT).Should a student change their bank details they must inform the SLC immediately.

Northern Ireland Students availing of a loan from NI Finance must follow the below two step financial process when registering at Trinity College Dublin.

Documents can be processed quickest by attaching it to a ticket in your MyTCD portal using the AskAR button. It can also be submitted in person or by email.

  1. All students availing of an NI Finance loan which covers some or all of their student contribution fee must supply the loan letter confirming this to Academic Registry. You must include your student number with this submission.
  2. Once your loan letter is processed the appropriate fees will be reduced on your portal. You will then have to continue the Financial Task to the end and confirm your information before you can continue.
  3. Students availing of an NI Finance maintenance payment must supply a copy of the barcode maintenance letter to the Academic Registry. You must include your student number with this submission.
    This can be submitted at any time but cannot be processed until your registration is complete.