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Letter Requests and Document Certification

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Certification of Forms

The Academic Registry can stamp and certify a number of forms as required which request confirmation by your third-level institution of your student details. These forms can only be certified when presented by the student themselves or if the student has emailed the Academic Registry giving written permission for a third party (e.g. a family member) to present the form along with valid photo ID. Examples include

  • Child Benefit applications
  • Medical Card applications
  • Grant applications
  • Visa/J1 applications
  • Social Welfare forms

All forms submitted to the Academic Registry Service Desk must be completed in full by the applicant in advance. On presentation of a valid TCD student ID card, the Service Desk will verify, sign and stamp the completed application. The details provided in the application form must match the current details held by the University on your student record. The Academic Registry cannot certify a form where your name differs from the name you have registered in e.g. shortened versions, married surnames, Irish translations. To certify these documents you will need to either present a version with your name as recorded or change your name on your student record.

Visa application forms for the USA may be obtained from the Students' Union Office, House 6 in the Front Square. Visa application forms for Canada may be obtained from your local USIT office.

Forms requesting information on course modules, hours of attendance or course content cannot be certified by the Academic Registry Service Desk. Students should also note that prospective dates for graduation cannot be certified or stated on any documents until a student has applied for graduation.




Student/Graduate Registration Letters

The Academic Registry Service Desk can provide letters confirming course registration students as well as letters detailing registration history for graduates of the University. The Academic Registry endeavours to fulfill all requests as soon as possible however requests to collect letters the same day can unfortunately not be accomodated. A minimum of 1 working day is required with letters requested before the close of business available after 1pm the following working day. You are advised to allow up to 3 working days notice on your request during exceptionally busy periods of the academic year.

Students/graduates can request letters by contacting the Academic Registry or by submitting our online letter request form. Please provide as many details as possible, including your full name, student number (if applicable) and details of how letter is to be provided (e.g. by email, to a postal address, collection in person).

Letter requests submitted online or by email will not begin processing until our staff have the opportunity to recieve and respond to your request.

Please note that due to data protection requirements Academic Registry staff can only accept letter requests from the student/graduate personally. Requests cannot be made by parents/guardians or other family members. When requesting a letter the student/graduate can give permission for their letter to be collected by a third party who may then collect on presentation of valid photo ID.


The Service Desk provides five standard letter types which are all printed on Academic Registry letterhead and signed/stamped by a authorized member of staff. Please note that letters are provided in a standard format and cannot be altered:

Standard Student Registration Letter


(This letter can also be generated through a student's portal)

The standard registration letter provides confirmation of the following:

  • Student name/number
  • Dates of registration for the current academic year
  • Course name/type/duration/mode of attendance (full-time or part-time)

Students can also request that the letter confirm their off-books status, their full registration history, or that they have applied to graduate, if applicable.

Student Registration Letter with address

(This letter can also be generated through a student's portal)

The proof of address registration letter provides confirmation of
  • Student name/number
  • Dates of Registration for the current academic year
  • Date of birth
  • Nationality
  • Permanent home address
  • Term address

Please note that the permanent home address and term address printed on your letter reflects what you have entered on your portal. Students are advised to confirm that this is correct in advance of requesting their letter as any errors will require the student to submit a a new request and a minimum of 1 working day additional processing time.

Irish Naturalisation and Immigration Service (INIS) Letter

Non-EU students required to register with the INIS may request a INIS letter confirming the following:

  • Student name/number
  • Dates of Registration for the current academic year
  • Date of birth
  • Permanent home address
  • Term address
  • Full registration history
  • Confirmation that all required fees are paid

This letter is in the format required by the INIS and constitutes proof of both student registration and fees paid. To request this document students must have fully completed the online registration process and be a fully registered student of the University - holding an offer of a place of study is insufficient.

The INIS letter requires a minimum of 1 working days notice to issue and students should allow sufficient time between requesting the documents and receiving their appointment with the INIS.


Graduate Registration History

Graduates of the University can request a letter confirming the following:

  • Student name/number
  • Years of attendance
  • Degree/diploma awarded (if applicable)
  • Class of award (if applicable)

This letter does not constitute a detailed records of your grades - further information on this is available on our Transcripts page.


Receipts of Fees Paid

Students have the ability to print receipts for any fees paid from the academic year 2012/13 onwards from the “My Finance” section of their portal. The Academic Registry can provide copies of these receipts if you require a stamped & signed version, if you require receipts prior to 2012/13 or if you are a graduate. Please note that these receipts can only be requested by the student and are in the same format as those available on the portal.