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Information for Candidates


Please see below relevant information for individuals interested in standing as a candidate for the University of Dublin panel. Please note that nominations can only be accepted following the publication of a ministerial order calling an election to Seanad Éireann.



If you require any assistance or clarification, please contact DU Seanad Support at 00353 (0)1 896 4500 or in person at the Academic Registry.

Interested candidates must submit a completed nomination form and photographs for the ballot as below. We advise candidates to confirm with their signatories prior to submission that they are degree graduates of the university, currently registered in the University of Dublin Seanad Electoral Constituency  and their address on the nomination form corresponds to that on the Register .

Nomination Form:

EU 1 Nomination Form (Gaelige)

EU 1 Nomination Form (Gaelige – Sample Completed)

EU 1 Nomination Form (English)

EU 1 Nomination Form (English – Sample Completed)


If a candidate wishes to have his or her photograph included on the ballot paper, they must
provide with the nomination paper:

  • A photograph in digitised format (Jpeg) on a CD (passport size – 35mm x 45mm)


  • Two identical printed copies of the photograph.

The photograph must be taken not more than 12 months prior to the day for the closing of the poll and must be of good quality, in colour and taken to a professional standard, showing the candidate’s full face, head and shoulders only, on a light background (any colour).

Each printed copy of the photograph must have the candidate’s name clearly shown on the back.
If the above requirements are not complied with, the returning officer may not include the photograph on the ballot paper. In these circumstances, or if no photograph is supplied, the space for the candidate’s photograph will be left blank on the ballot paper.


Anyone can request to purchase a copy of the 2016 DU Electoral Register upon adherence to the provisions of the Data Protection Acts. The register is provided in electronic format only and the cost is calculated based on a set formula and currently costs the sum of €90.60 made payable by cheque to “TCD #1 Account”.

Enquiries in relation to purchasing the register can be made, by phone at 00353 (0)1 896 4500, by email to

Anyone purchasing a copy of the register must undertake to comply with the relevant provisions of the Data Protection Acts of 1988 and 2003.