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Seanad Éireann

What is Seanad Éireann ?

The Register of Seanad Electors for the Dublin University constituency is prepared and kept in pursuance of the Electoral Act, 1923. The Seanad Éireann Register, which is published on June 1 annually, is a list of the names, addresses and qualifications of graduates of the University of Dublin who have claimed to be registered.

Those registered are eligible to vote in Seanad Éireann elections within in the constituency of University of Dublin (DU).

Should you wish to add your details to the electoral register please submit your details thought the Register tab below or you can complete the Seanad Electoral Register Form of Claim and forward to



Seanad Electoral Register (2018)

The 2018 Seanad Electoral Register is now published. If you would like to confirm your inclusion on the provisional register please contact the Academic Registry Service Desk.

The Register of Electors may be used for electoral purposes only. An Edited Register of Electors, which is also published annually, may be used for commercial purposes. Please contact if you wish to view a copy of the Register. The register is provided in electronic format only and the cost is calculated based on a set formula and currently costs the sum of €93.45 made payable by cheque or postal order only to “TCD #1 Account”, and the submission of the purchase form.

For more information on eligibility to be included on the Seanad Electoral Register for the University of Dublin constituency, please see our FAQ.

Seanad Éireann FAQs

How can I check if I am on the current Register of Electors?
Inclusion on the DU Seanad Éireann Electoral Register can be confirmed in person at the Academic Registry Service Desk. You can also confirm your inclusion on the register in person, by phone at 00353 (0)1 896 4500 or by email to

I didn’t receive my ballot in the last election - Can I update my address on the current register?
Yes, an elector may ensure that their details are up-to-date in person, by phone at +353 (0)1 896 4500, by email to Unless we are informed of a change of address, voting papers will go to the address on record.

How can I update my contact details once I am on the Register?
An elector may, at any time, ensure that their details are up-to-date by submitting a request to the Academic Registry, either by email at, by phone at +353 (0)1 896 4500 or in person. Unless we are informed of a change of address, voting papers will go to the address on record.

Why am I not on the register?
The right to vote is not automatic; it must be claimed. Eligible graduates are required to complete a registration/update form and return it to the Academic Registry by the 26th February in any given year for inclusion in the revised register published on the 1st June of that year. It is only necessary to register once unless, for one of the reasons given below, a name has been removed from the register.

When are names removed from the Register?
Names are removed:

  • on receipt of written request by a graduate to have their name removed
  • on receipt of notification of the death of a graduate
  • As provided by the Electoral (Amendment) Act 2001: ‘after reasonable enquiry by the registration officer, whose address or the address to which the ballot paper is to be sent is unknown’. (S. 56)

If my name is removed from the Register can I still vote?
You can apply to re-register and will be eligible to vote only if your name is published on the Register of Electors prior to the relevant Seanad Éireann Election. The Register of Electors is published on 1st of June each year.

2016 Election Results

The three senators nominated in the 2016 election were:

Ivana Bacik: She is a qualified Barrister, former TCD Students’ Union President and a Senior Lecturer and Fellow of Trinity College Dublin (elected in 2005). Ivana has been a senator for the University of Dublin since 2007.

David Norris: Father of the House, former TCD lecturer and Leader of the Independent University Group in Seanad Éireann. David was first nominated as a member of the Seanad in 1987.

Lynn Ruane: Currently serving as the President of Trinity College Dublin’s Students’ Union. Lynn is a first time candidate and the only new Senator to be returned in this year’s vote.