Academic Dress

Academic Dress Code for Ceremonies

Degree Ceremonies

The academic dress of the various degrees is prescribed in the Statutes, and Calendar, and is presented in the table below.

The prescribed dress for men (military excepted) is dinner jacket, white shirt, black or white bow tie. Female (military excepted) candidates wear black, or white, or a combination of both.

All candidates must wear the hood and gown of the degree they are qualified to receive; the wearing of caps is optional. Candidates receiving more than one degree, wear the hood and gown of the senior degree. Advice on seniority of degrees may be obtained from the Academic Registry.

Diploma/Certificate Ceremonies

The prescribed dress for candidates at diploma/certificate ceremonies is as follows

Men:                   should wear a dark suit, gown, and epitogue
Women:              should wear black or white, or a combination of both, gown, and epitogue.

Academic Dress Hire

Academic dress may be hired from the official robe makers to the University, Armstrong & Oxford.

Armstrong & Oxford

Academical dress may be collected from Armstrong & Oxford, normally located in the Atrium, (beside the Dining Hall) between 8.30 am and 6.30 pm on the day of Commencements. At least one hour should be allowed for the process of collection of academic dress.

Male Dress Wear

Candidates wishing to hire male dress wear should complete the appropriate application in the Notice of Candidature and return to Tango Dress Hire as instructed or contact them directly:: Tango Dress Hire