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TCD Finance

What is TCD Finance?

TCD Finance, supported by Bank of Ireland, has been specially designed with Trinity College Dublin to help you spread the cost of Student Contribution Charges with manageable monthly payments. TCD Finance is offered at a discounted rate of 7.5% APR variable for the duration of the loan. APR stands for Annual Percentage Rate. Lending criteria terms and conditions apply.

TCD Finance will facilitate undergraduate students from first to final year. The loan is repaid over a maximum term of 9 years, with the term of each loan dependent on the length of the undergraduate course.

How does it work?

Parents/guardians can apply to borrow each year the cost of the total Student Contribution Charge for an undergraduate course. The total amount required depends on the duration of the course, ranging from 1 to 5 years. Each year’s Annual Contribution charge will be added to any amount outstanding from the previous year and the full amount will be assessed and approved over the appropriate term. .

How do I apply?

TCD Finance is only available from our dedicated Trinity College branches located in College Green and in the Buttery and Hamilton buildings on campus.

Contact us on:
Tel - 0766232645
Email - tcdfinance@boi.com

TCD Finance Brochure

TCD Finance Brochure (PDF, 251KB)