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Gold Medal

Prizes are awarded to qualified candidates by the Court of Examiners on the recommendation of examiners in the School or Discipline with which the prize is associated and in line with the criteria for the award of the prize as stated in the University Calendar, Prizes and other awards. The relevant School or Course Office must complete the prize result sheet when awarding a prize.

For details of all Prizes and Other Awards available to students, please consult the current College calendar.

Gold Medals

Gold medals are awarded by the Board of Trinity College to candidates of the first class who have shown exceptional merit at degree examinations in honor or professional courses. The Board of Trinity College has approved specific Criteria for the Award of Gold Medals which should be incorporated into the examination regulations for each course.

It is the responsibility of the Chair of the Court of Examiners to forward recommendations by submitting the Gold Medal nomination form for the award of gold medals to the Senior Lecturer in accordance with the criteria applicable to the course in question. Recommendations are considered by the Board of Trinity College at a meeting in the Michaelmas term. Successful candidates are informed of their award in writing by the Senior Lecturer.

Lucy Gwynn Prize

This prize was founded in 1948 by subscription in memory of Lucy Gwynn, first Lady Registrar. It is awarded annually in Michaelmas term to a Junior Sophister woman student for distinction in her College course.  Professional as well as arts studies are taken into account.  The award is made by two women on the University staff nominated by the Board, and one of the female tutors. The value of the prize is €1,207.

Applicants should complete the online application form below by 5.00 pm on Wednesday 15 November 2017. All applicants will receive a letter in February 2018 notifying them of the outcome.

2018 Online Application Form

Alice Oldham Memorial Prize

This prize was founded in 1908 by subscription in memory of Alice Oldham. It is awarded biennially in Michaelmas term in even years to the student judged to be the most distinguished of the women students in their Junior Sophister year, and who attended classes at Alexandra College for at least one session.

The award is made by a committee consisting of the Senior Lecturer, the Senior Dean and a woman member of the University staff nominated by the Board. The value of the prize is €204.

Students need only submit a personal letter of application for the prize. Their application should be submitted to the Academic Registry Registry by Monday 21 November 2016 at 5.00 pm, in a sealed envelope marked: Alice Oldham Memorial Prize. Only under exceptionally circumstances may student’s email in their application. All applicants will receive a letter by the end of Michaelmas Term notifying them of the outcome.

Entrance Exhibitions

On the basis of public examination results entrance exhibitions are awarded to Junior Freshman new entrants provided that sufficient merit is shown. Each entrance exhibition will be in the form of a book prize worth €150, awarded in the Junior Freshman year. The successful exhibitioners will be notified in Michaelmas term. The awards are made to E.U. students who are new entrants to full-time undergraduate degree courses in College and whose public examination performance is highest subject to the following conditions:

(a) no award is made if the level of performance is lower than the equivalent of 560 points in the Leaving Certificate or 'A' level examinations.

(b) where the Leaving Certificate examination has been written on more than one occasion, the six subjects which form the basis of the award must be completed at a single sitting; where the 'A' level examination has been written on more than one occasion, the four subjects which form the basis of the award must be completed in the one academic year; all other examination results must be achieved at the same sitting;

(c) performance in the Trinity College matriculation examination, in those subjects still examined, will be taken into account.

Disclaimer: Please note that the value of Entrance Exhibitions was considered by Board at a meeting on the 9th October 2013. It was agreed that the value of the Book Prize will be €150 and not €300 as stated in the 2013/14 College calendar.

First Class Book Prize

A First Class Book Prize may be awarded to candidates who obtain an overall first class honors grade in an honor course at the Annual Examinations. Please note that these prizes are not awarded to Senior Sophister or final-year students.These prizes are issued in the form of book tokens and can be redeemed at Hodges Figgis and Co. Ltd. First Class Book Prizes are not included on prize publication sheets, and Directors of Teaching and Learning (Undergraduate) should ensure that qualified students are reminded to claim their prize.

First Class Book Prizes are administered by Examinations and Assessment and are available for collection in November following the Annual Examinations. They must be collected by the award holder in person from the Academic Registry.

The value of First Class Book Prizes is currently under review.