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Case Studies from the Disciplines

Case Study: A ‘Forward-Looking’ Assessment in a Philosophy Module - Dr Kenneth Pearce, Department of Philosophy (Panopto)

Previous summative practices in this module had a focus on high stakes summative assessment. Students had little opportunity to practice writing and receive feedback and this led to stress and did not  enable skill development, such as the ability to develop arguments. Furthermore, students were not engaging sufficiently with assigned reading. A backward-design approach will be used to replace the previous  large summative essay with a series of short writing assignments based on prompt questions provided every week. The lecturer will provide feedback through TurnItIn. This approach will promote assessment for and as learning and promote student ‘buy-in’ and participation.

Case Study K - An Integrative and Creative Approach in Science Education: Working in Small Groups to Research and Present on a Scientific Breakthrough - Dr Mike Wride

This case study focuses on a creative approach to assessment with a class of 30 first year undergraduate students of functional biology and of plant science at Trinity College Dublin, all taking the Workshops, Tutorials and Seminars module. The module involved two two-hour sessions, two weeks apart. The first session took place in a flat seminar room while the second session, consisting of presentations, took place in the old-style botany lecture theatre.

Enhancing Assessment and Feedback in the Natural Sciences - Dr Matthew Saunders, School of Natural Sciences (PDF 569 KB)

This document aims to introduce assessment and feedback approaches that will enable academics to embed a greater variety of graduate attributes into their teaching and learning practices. This resource outlines theory that underpins the development of module content and appropriate assessment and feedback methodologies and provides examples of teaching and learning practice that are used in the School of Natural Sciences.