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Teaching Philosophy Statements

Writing a Teaching Philosophy Statement (PDF, 659 KB)

A Teaching Philosophy Statement is a narrative that articulates your beliefs and practices as a teacher. While there is no one way to write a teaching philosophy statement, this document will provide you with a practical and self-reflective guide to the development of such a statement. It will help you articulate your beliefs about teaching and learning and offer some suggestions on possible content, structure and style.

Teaching Philosophy Statement Workshop Podcast

This podcast covers the following:

  • What do you believe about teaching & learning?
  • The teaching philosophy statement as anchor and narrative
  • Beliefs and values and their relevance to the teaching philosophy statement
  • Tacit knowledge, professional judgement and connoisseurship
  • The teaching portfolio
  • The three phases of teacher identity
  • Professional development as a teacher
  • Reflection: Gibbs, Hatton & Smith
  • Blooms Taxonomy and verbs for higher order thinking
  • Successful and unsuccessful teaching philosophy Statements
  • Asking quality questions and free writing
  • Reviewing and evaluating the teaching philosophy statement: Rubrics