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Teaching Portfolio Practice in Ireland, Dr Ciara O'Farrell (PDF 5,710 KB)

This handbook is a collection of essays and case studies on the various uses and characteristics of teaching portfolios and portfolio programmes across Ireland. It explores the various roles of teaching portfolios in higher education, and analyses the impact of teaching portfolios on both individual and institutional learning. Its aim is to support you if you are introducing a portfolio programme, or indeed, simply interested in reflecting on your teaching through a portfolio.

TEP The Role of Reflection in Learning (PDF 1,103 KB)

Reflective practice is a deliberate way of thinking that leads to change in action (Dewey, 1933; Schön, 1983). In the context of education, reflection can help students to consolidate and assess their learning of a discipline and its practices. The development of reflective skills and the process of engaging in reflective practice also prompts self-learning and encourages the integration of academic knowledge with relevant personal and professional experience.