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Problem-based Learning

Project-based learning (PBL), within Health Sciences, is described as a comprehensive approach to teaching (23). It is an inquiry-based instructional method whereby students (individually or in groups) engage in knowledge construction in order to develop solutions and products that address real-world challenges (24). What distinguishes PjBL from other inquiry-based pedagogies, such as problem-based learning is “the creation of artifacts that solve authentic problems” (24). Project-based learning, within Stem, is an inquiry-led approach where learners apply and acquire knowledge through accomplishing projects and developing tangible products (9). The creation of these artifacts distinguishes project-based learning from problem-based learning and other learner-centred pedagogical approaches (10). Project-based learning provides students with the opportunity to work collaboratively on real-world projects to develop their teamworking abilities and critical thinking skills, in addition to developing the skills required to work in their respective STEM professional field (9).