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The Trinity Education Project Fellows spent the academic year of 2016–17 regularly meeting colleagues within Trinity College Dublin about various aspects of TEP. Assigned to individual schools and working closely with college officers on the implementation of TEP, the Fellows also gathered regularly as a team, learning from each other and sharing knowledge and practices across disciplines. In Hilary Term 2017, the TEP Fellows ran a series of ‘Ideas Exchange’ sessions open to all Trinity staff on the topics addressed in this toolkit, and on 24 April 2017, they held a day-long event called ‘The Long Table’ that focused particularly on issues around assessment. This period entailed a great deal of individual research and reflection about issues in higher education, and identified examples of innovative practice already happening within our university. The TEP Fellows envisioned that a concrete output that collected these insights in one place, in an accessible language and an easy-to-use format, would be useful to the community.