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LLAF (LifelongLearning in Applied Sciences)

Project dates: December 1, 2013-February 28, 2017

Life Long Learning in Applied Fields (LLAF) is one of the selected TEMPUS IV Sixth Call programs that involves 16 different institutions located in 8 different countries collaborating to address the challenge of academic institutions to maintain their relevancy in the topics that they teach by developing new curriculum that has at its foundation the capacity to provide students with tools and skills for new professional developments and innovation, concentrating on communities of learners and on work within and with communities.

LLAF is a unique and innovative project which combines capacity building for international collaboration with curricular reform for Lifelong Learning in several professional applied fields, such as Health Care, Speech Therapy and Audiology, Optometry, Education, Photographic Communication and Computer Sciences. The European and Israeli consortium members are academic institutions aiming to promote lifelong learning by developing higher education curricula directed at constructing novel teaching/learning approaches of Evidence Based Practice and Learning (EBP & EBL), Team Based Learning (TBL) and New Learning Environments (NLE), some of which already practiced by the expert members from the EU institutes supporting the curricula development effort.

Israeli Partners:
1. Hadassa Academic College (Coordinators)
2. Gordon Academic College of Education
3. Kinneret Academic College
4. Bar Ilan University
5. Sapir Academic College
European Partners:
1. Paris-Lodron-University of Salzburg, Austria 
2. Trinity College of Dublin, Ireland
3. Hochule Aalen, Germany
4. Latvia Culture College, Latvia
5. Instituto Politecnico de Santarem, Portugal
6. Instituto Universitario de Lisbon, Portugal
7. Innova NGO, Portugal
8. Gimbe Evidence for Health NGO, Italy