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The role of creativity in enhancing student learning in STEM subjects- Dr Matthew Saunders, School of Natural Sciences

This resource aims to help academics incorporate more creative approaches to teaching and learning when designing modules for STEM subjects. This resource outlines the fundamental aspects of creativity, how to include these aspects in module design and delivery and how to appropriately assess creativity in the classroom.

What is creativity and why is it required in science teaching?

The demands being placed on Higher Education Institutes (HEI) are ever increasing, with the expectations of students in relation to the learning experience provided and the fundamental role of universities in training the next generation of critical thinkers. Because of this, it is important to consider the process of creative course design, delivery and assessment in producing graduates with the attributes, knowledge base and confidence to tackle any task (Donnelly and Fitzmaurice, 2005). Creativity is a difficult concept to define due to its complexity, with words such as originality, imagination, vision and innovation being associated with this term (DeHann, 2011; Hwang 2017).

The role of creativity in enhancing student learning in STEM subjects - Dr Matthew Saunders (PDF 569 KB)