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Student Success Report

Following the National Forum Seminar Series: Learning from Student Success: Barriers and Facilitators in 2019, the following report is now available. - Written by Caroline Forsyth and Mike Wride.

National Forum Seminar Series: Learning from Student Success: Barriers and Facilitators - Thursday 21st February 2019

This seminar aims to engage students as partners in working together to identify how student success is defined and supported. Traditionally, the focus on student success has been in terms of grades, but there are as many views of success as there are stakeholders. Today’s graduates are heading into an ever-changing landscape and institutions need to know how to best support them develop the skills to successfully navigate that. For example, there is now wider recognition of the importance of co-curricular and extra-curricular activities in student success. This student-focussed seminar will explore how we can develop a more integrated view of success from both staff and student perspectives, which is based on shared responsibility and a more inclusive and all-encompassing view of success. The student voice will be highlighted through the three student presentations, which will provide different perspectives on success: looking back on first year, looking forward to the world beyond college and by alumni looking back at their student selves with the benefit of hindsight. A student panel and group work will also discuss ideas of success. In each case, we are interested in how perceptions of success change through the student journey. This could inform how we modify curricula, including how we prepare students for the transition to the world beyond HE.