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Learning to Learn Online in Trinity

The student-facing ‘Learning to Learn Online in Trinity’ module was developed collaboratively between the Centre for Academic Practice, Student Learning Development, Trinity Disability Service, the Transition to Trinity Officer and the IUA Enhancing Digital Capacity Project. The module is pedagogically led and profiles resources designed to prepare all students for hybrid learning at Trinity this academic year.


Who is the Module for?

Registered students can self-enrol on Blackboard for the module (not for credit) using the self-enrolment process as described on the Student Learning Development (SLD) website.  Academic and professional staff can also access the resources by registering for the module on the same self-enrolment basis. The module is structured thematically across four blocks.

Block 1. Getting Started for Learning Online
Block 2. Working Together Online
Block 3. Becoming an Effective Online Learner
Block 4. Thinking about Assessments when Learning Online

SLD are providing a series of workshops to support students as they engage with the module.  Students can find out more about these workshops on the SLD website.  All queries relating to the module should be addressed to SLD.