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Literature Review

A literature review is a scholarly written paper which scopes and critiques existing literature that has been produced on a topic or theme by scholars and researchers. It identifies and critiques key ideas, theories and methods in a field of study, often identifying research gaps. It can help you link a topic to a wider field of enquiry and to articulate research questions more clearly. 

A literature review may be used as a standalone assessment or as part of a larger piece of work (such as a dissertation or project.) 

Typically used to…. 

  • assess your capacity to identify and locate key sources in a field of research 
  • evaluate your ability to summarise key concepts coherently and concisely (e.g. via tighter word limits). 
  • assess your ability to critique and evaluate arguments, theories or claims made in existing research and to identify existing gaps or weaknesses in the literature 
  • evaluate your engagement with scholars/experts in your discipline
  • develop your insight into methodologies/experimental approaches and results appropriate to your disciplinary area 
  • develop your understanding of current research in a particular field 
  • develop information literacy which is a key digital capability  
  • Demonstrate your understanding of a subject area and where/how your own work adds to an existing body of knowledge

Key considerations when writing a literature review for assessment 

When writing a literature review as part of an assessment, always refer to the guidelines and requirements provided by your lecturer, keeping the following points in mind:  

  • Is the literature review being used for formative or summative assessment purposes (or both!) 
  • If your literature review contributes to your final grade (i.e. is being used for summative assessment), how much is it worth? 
  • What criteria is being used to assess your review? Has a rubric been provided? 
  • Are there any Trinity guides/supports that might be useful to review before starting the review? For example on research, referencing or critical thinking? 
  • What readings/resources should you use? Have you been given a reading list? Do you need to find your own extra sources? 
  • When writing notes make sure to include what source you are citing from, so you don’t have to go searching later on! 
  • Write a plan before starting the review. Each paragraph should be a new idea. 


Trinity-supported tools:  

The VLE Assignment Tool and Turnitin are accessible through Blackboard.
Google Docs and MS Word are accessible via myzone

Examples of a literature review

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A student perspective on literature reviews

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