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Types of Digital Assessment

Digital assessments can take many different forms and you’ll probably experience several different types during your time at Trinity. Some of the more common types include online tests, virtual presentations, and essays (which are undertaken using digital technologies as part of the process). However, there is a wide variety of other types and these may be used for summative or formative assessment purposes.   

This section will introduce you to some of the more common types of digital assessments which you might encounter during your time at Trinity. Here you will find a brief synopsis of each assessment type which includes: 

  • types of learning that the method is typically used to assess. 
  • real-life examples from Trinity and beyond. 
  • key considerations when preparing for each type of assessment.  
  • Trinity-supported technologies which you might use when preparing and submitting each assessment.  
  • student perspectives on their experience of the assessment approach.   

Keep in mind that even though your assessments may look a little different in a digital context, the purposes of the assessment and the standards expected of you will remain the same. The information here should also be read alongside the information put forward by your School or Department in its Handbook. 

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