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Places in the Nursery

Preference is given to children on the waiting list in the following order:
  • Siblings of children currently attending the nursery
  • Students attending T.C.D.
  • Staff of T.C.D.

If one parent is a member of staff and another a full time student they will be placed on the student waiting list but will be charged at the staff rate. Conditions applying to other staff parents will apply.

Reserving a place on the waiting list

Parents may place their child’s name on the waiting list by filling out an application form and paying a deposit. This can be done at any stage of pregnancy or after provided parents hold a student or staff number from Trinity College. The nursery aims to give two weeks notice to a parent once a place becomes available. If parents are unable to take up a place at the exact time of the offer they may retain the place by paying for the weeks before they are able to start. The deposit is refundable if the child’s name is taken off the list, and when a child starts it will cover the child’s trial period.

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