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This is a shortlist of our most frequently asked questions.

How do I get feedback on my child's day?

Any member of staff is happy to provide feedback on your child’s day and we keep full records of what they eat and their behaviour over the course of each day.

How often will my child go outside to play?

At Trinity, we promote health and wellbeing and encourage outdoor play as often as possible. During good weather, we play outside and enjoy the sunshine. In winter, we wrap up and stay active to keep warm!

What are the opening hours and what will happen if I am late collecting my child?

Our opening hours are as follows:

  • Term-Time from 08.00 - 18.00
  • Summer Time from 08.00 - 17.30

If you are late, penalties will be incurred. Please see Late Fees for the different charges.

Will my baby have a settling in period before starting at nursery, will my baby have to change routine?

Trinity has a settling in period of 5 days but as every child is different this may be adjusted. All staff at the Day Nursery will work with parents to ensure their child is settled and happy. It is a learning experience for both the child and our team at the Day Nursery as they adjust to their new surroundings and we learn about your child’s routine.

What are the ratios in the baby room and who covers lunches?

The ratios for full day care nurseries are set by Tusla, the Child and Family Agency and for babies the requirement for children from 0 – 1 years is 3:1.

The Day Nursery meets this requirement and we employ additional support staff to cover over lunch breaks and at pinch points throughout the day.

Is all the food cooked on the premises, are salt and sugar added to the meals?

The main meal of the day is provided by Little Dinners. They provide developmentally / age appropriate meals. There is no added salt or sugar in these meals. All other snacks are prepared on site and we do not add any salt or sugar to the children's meals.

What will my baby eat when he starts weaning?

Initially we will start your child on a pureed option, as your child develops they will move onto a chopped meal. Please ensure that you notify the day nursery of any dietary requirements or allergies and we can notify our supplier who will provide a suitable meal for your child. The Day Nursery will also provide an evening snack of a fruit puree and a full fat yoghurt.

Who makes my babies bottles?

To facilitate individual preferences and requirements, parents provide all their child’s bottles, ready made up.

Bottles are clearly labelled with your child’s name and stored in fridges until used.

Are all staff qualified and experienced in childcare, will they know how to deal with a crying child?

All staff in the Day Nursery are qualified and / or experienced in childcare in line with TUSLA regulations. Staff will never leave a child to 'cry it out' and will do their utmost to comfort and reassure your child. In the event that your child is finding their time in the Day Nursery difficult over a long period of time, the staff will discuss the matter with you and ascertain what may be causing this to help us ensure that your child is supported and reassured through any difficult period they may be experiencing.

Are all staff Garda vetted and are they first aid trained?

All staff members are Garda vetted and written references are always checked and validated before any new staff member starts works at Trinity.

Day Nursery has a number of staff trained in paediatric first aid so we are equipped to respond correctly in any situation.

What happens to ratios when staff are sick?

The Day Nursery has a float member of staff who can step into the room and ensure that ratios are adhered to.

How often is my child's bedding changed?

Your child's bedding is changed on a weekly basis, however in the event that your child's bedding is wet from perspiration or other bodily fluids they will be cleaned more frequently.

What happens if my baby becomes sick at nursery?

In the event that your child becomes ill while at the Day Nursery, you will be contacted and notified. If your child requires medicine, your permission will be sought. In the event that your child does not respond to the administered medication you may be requested to collect your child early and seek medical attention from your GP.

My child is toilet training - how will you support this at nursery?

The staff working with your children will work with you to support your child during this transition. In the Montessori rooms and playgroup rooms there are child sized toilets. In the event that your child requires a potty this is supplied by the parent.

Late Fees

Staff at Trinity Day Nursery understand that on the odd occasion parents can run late due to unforeseen circumstances. However as in some cases there have been too many instances regarding late collection of children, therefore resulting in us having to introduce a strict policy regarding late collection. If you arrive late you will be asked to sign our late book and charged a late fee, which is as follows:

  • If you arrive between 1 & 5 min after closing time you will be charged €5.00.
  • If you arrive between 6 & 10 min after closing time you will be charged €10.00.
  • If you arrive between 11 & 15 min after closing time you will be charged €15.00
  • And if you arrive after fifteen minutes late you will charged €15.00 and €2.00 for every minute after that you are late. You will also be issued with a late receipt. If you receive more than four late receipts in four weeks you will be asked to meet with the Supervisor to discuss the situation. If you repeatedly come late again you will have to meet with the Manager of the Nursery, to discuss the situation. If you do not heed the warnings from the Supervisor and Manager your child may not be able to attend the nursery for one day. This is a harsh measure but unfortunately from past experiences, we have had to introduce this much stricter policy. (After 3 months with no late receipts you will start a fresh)

What do parents supply?

The Nursery provides food. Parents must supply nappies, wipes, cream, anda change of clothes.

What other classes are offered?

Stretch-n-Grow and Gymboree classes are organized during term- time. A variety of outings are organized for summertime.