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Web Facilities for Campus Companies

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1. Services provided to campus companies

The following services are available to campus companies:

  • Ethernet network points in the Innovation Centre or in designated offices on the main campus
  • Mail services to designated email addresses within the "" domain
  • Access to the World Wide Web via the College proxy servers

There is a limited amount of storage available for Campus Company Web pages. A limit of 10mb per company is regarded as the norm.

One IP address is available per connection point. This is fixed and remains the property of TCD; this number cannot be moved when the company relocates off campus.

2. Services not provided to campus companies

The following services are not available to campus companies:

  • Help or support: companies provide their own software, cables and expertise to connect to the network
  • Specialised documentation for company connections and activities
  • Any connection to the TCD network once the company moves off campus or ceases to be a Campus Company
  • Any support for private IP numbers: only TCD assigned numbers will be supported

3. Expectations of campus companies

Campus companies are expected to:

4. Charges

Each network point will be invoiced at €250 per annum and a further charge of €250 will be made for the installation or connection of a network point on a once-off basis. The charges include three email addresses, one network point and up to 10MB Web space. There may be some discrepancies in the costs charged for services and those allocated by IS Services due to the times that prices are set and the year to year variation in Unit Costs.

IS Services reserve the right to charge for network usage, this charge will be based on the number of bytes transferred in and out of College. IS Services will negotiate with such Campus Companies as have been identified as using large amounts of network bandwidth before levying such charges.