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Policy on Waste Management and Recycling on Campus

Approved by the Board on April 16th, 2003.

College must comply with the legislative requirements governing the disposal of waste. This places an onus on all people on Campus to dispose of waste in a responsible and legal manner. Procedures are in place and available to all Departments and Offices to facilitate compliance. All staff and students are requested to co-operate and support the College Waste Management Policy by:

  • Reducing the volumes of waste produced on Campus where possible
  • Re-using products where possible
  • Using the facilities provided to segregate waste at source to facilitate recycling

To assist in raising the level of awareness and compliance it is recommended that Heads of Buildings, Faculty Heads, Department Heads and Office Managers appoint representatives to consult with the service providers and to advise on waste management procedures.

For further information please consult the Sustainability - Green Pages website.