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Policy on the Use of College's Trademarks

On this page:

  1. Introduction
  2. General Principles
  3. Implementation

1. Introduction

Trinity College Dublin has a long and proud tradition and is well recognised throughout the world as being synonymous with high quality and achievement.

The College currently has trademarks in Ireland in a range of classes of goods approved for the following:


  • Trinity College Dublin
  • Trinity College
  • Trinity
  • TCD
  • Dublin University
  • University of Dublin
  • The Book of Kells


  • Arms of the University
  • Arms of the College
  • University Seal

Apart from The Book of Kells, which has EU registration, these trademarks are applicable in Ireland only and consideration will be given to extending them, where appropriate, to the EU and world areas. A full listing of the College's trademarks and the classes to which they apply are appended to this policy.

2. General Principles

2.1. All use of the College's trademarks and images will be in keeping with the College's tradition and ethos with an emphasis on high quality.

2.2. The individual identities of sports clubs and College societies will be retained within the context of the overall management of the use of the College's trademarks.

2.3. All use of the College's trademarks must be approved in advance by the Secretary's Office, including, but not limited to:

  • Printing of the Arms of the College, the Arms of the University and the University seal in research publications, promotional material, invitations to events, conference announcements etc.
  • Use of any of the College's trademarks on sporting gear or clothing used by College clubs, societies, departments etc.
  • Use of the College’s trademarks on College uniforms, workwear and protective clothing.
  • Use of any of the College's trademarks on goods which are produced, distributed and/or sold by any party inside or outside the College
  • Use of the College's trademarks on websites

2.4. Suppliers of the Trinity range of goods will be required to adhere to an ethical code of conduct based on the UN's Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the International Labour's Organisations conventions and recommendations on basic labour rights as well as adopting ethical standards in the conduct of their affairs which respect the intrinsic value of individual human beings.

2.5. The College will exercise all available legal channels to ensure that its policies and approvals procedures for the use of the College's trademarks are followed and that any unauthorised use of the College's trademarks is eliminated.

2.6. Any contractual arrangements entered into by the College for the supply of Trinity branded goods will be binding on all College entities, including but not limited to, commercial outlets, academic departments, other functional areas and all student groups under the auspices of the capitated bodies.

3. Implementation

The Secretary to the College will be responsible for the implementation of the College's merchandising policy and will be assisted in this task by a working group comprising representatives of the Library, Alumni Relations Office, Department of Sport, Central Societies Committee, Accommodation Office and representatives of the academic community.