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ZO4041 Tropical Ecology Field Course

Hippo yawning in Lake Nakuru, Kenya


Course Coordinator: target="new">Dr. Ian Donohue

A lion snoozing in Nakuru National Park, Kenya The Tropical Ecology Field Course is a ten-day residential field course that takes place at a variety of locations in Kenya and runs during the first two weeks of November (i.e. during reading week). The course focuses on the ecology and biodiversity of a range of ecosystems and habitats (including tropical montaine forest, aquatic ecosystems [freshwater rivers and lakes, wetlands and saline lakes] and grasslands) and the connectivities among them. Issues and problems to do with human impacts and the conservation and management of these diverse habitats comprise an important element of the course.



Measuring a Louisiana Swamp Crayfish, a globally important invasive species, at Lake Naivasha, KenyaThe course is available to final year students of Environmental Science, Plant Science and Zoology. The aim of the course is to provide students with a thorough understanding of the principles underpinning the ecology of tropical ecosystems.




A black and white colobus monkey at Lake Naivasha, Kenya Forms

  • Course outline and visa application form (.pdf)






The Class of 2013 at the equator in Kenya

The class of 2013