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Environmental Sciences

The degree in Environmental Sciences is taught through all four Disciplines in the School of Natural Sciences and the School of Chemistry. The degree structure is designed to provide for the needs of students with an interest in this rapidly developing academic and professional field. The Moderatorship programme comprises specially designed modules plus suitable modules from the contributing Disciplines.

There is ample choice within optional modules for a selection which reflects a particular student’s interests. Field work is a core component of the course structure. Students attend field courses in their Junior Sophister (third) year (an introductory field course in Fresher’s week, and a Terrestrial Ecology field trip). In addition, optional courses offered by Zoology and Botany allow the possibility of students to attend field courses in Marine Biology, Tropical Ecology, and a Mediterranean field trip.

What will you study?


Teaching is by lecture, seminar, practical laboratory and fieldwork classes in areas such as:

Environmental management & governance
Water technology
Global environmental change
Environmental chemistry
Joint modules with other Disciplines include bioindicators and pollution, groundwater quality, conservation and biodiversity, and GIS (geographical information systems). Students in the Senior Sophister (fourth) year will research and write a thesis on an environmental project. In the past, students have undertaken projects on air pollution, waste management, restoration ecology, water quality, habitat management and greenhouse gas emissions.

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