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Dr. Caroline Wynne

Dr. Caroline Wynne
Research Fellow

School of Natural Sciences (Zoology Building)
Trinity College Dublin
Dublin 2

Tel: + 353 1 8961356
Fax: + 353 1 6778094



Research interests

The central theme of my research is the responses of both floral and faunal communities along various physical and chemical gradients in their habitats. This work has focussed on aquatic ecosystems, both lotic and lentic and the ability of macrophyte and macroinvertebrate communities to indicate the ecological status of those ecosystems. Previous studies have assessed both the temporal and spatial responses of both communities to pressures such as eutrophication and organic pollution. The application of these studies has been in the area of source protection and catchment management.


Current projects

Title: Predicting ecological status of unmonitored lakes based on relationships between status, hydrogeomorphological and landuse characteristics

I am currently studying the relationships between the ecological status of a lake, catchment landuse, population densities and hydromorphological characteristics. The outputs of this project will enable the likely ecological status of unmonitored lakes in Ireland to be predicted for the purposes of the EU Water Framework Directive.


Selected publications

Linnane, S., Jordan, S., McCarthy, V., Carson, A., Sweeney, N. and Wynne C. (2011) Final Report for the National Source Protection Pilot Project at Churchill and Oram. Monaghan: National Federation for Group Water Schemes.

Tierney, D., Free, G., Kennedy, B., Little, R., Plant, C., Trodd, W. and Wynne, C. (2010) Water Quality of Lakes. In M. McGarrigle, J. Lucey and M. O Cinneide eds. Water Quality in Ireland. Wexford: Environmental Protection Agency.

Wynne, C.A. and S.M. Linnane (2009) An investigation of macrophyte and macroinvertebrate indices in lowland sites on the rivers of the Milltown (Muckno Mill) lake catchment, Co. Monaghan, Ireland. Verhandlungen Internationale Vereingung fr theoretische und angewandte Limnologie.

Wynne, C. and S.M. Linnane (2007) An assessment of the water quality in the Milltown Lake Catchment using a combination of macrophyte and macroinvertebrate indices. Proceedings of ENVIRON 2007.

Carson, A., Back, H.C., Wynne, C.A. and S.M. Linnane, (2006) Assessment of changes within the catchment sediments of Milltown Lake (Ireland) using a combination of historical catchment data and palaeolimnological techniques. Diffuse Pollution and Basin Management. Proceedings of the 10th International Specialised IWA Conference. Istanbul, Turkey.

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