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Zoology graduate Professor William (Bill) Campbell wins Nobel prize in Medicine 2015 for his work in parasitology

Bill- Nobel

Zoology congratulates our graduate Professor William (Bill) Campbell (BA Zoology 1952) for winning the Nobel prize in Medicine 2015 for his work in parasitology.

All of us in Zoology are immensely proud of Professor Campbell. Bill’s development of the drug Ivermectin has had a massive impact on the world, saving millions from diseases caused by parasites. This award to Bill underscores the impact that zoologists can have upon the world by understanding how animals, parasites and microbes interact and by using that knowledge to develop new ways to tackle human and animal diseases. As a zoologist, Bill was certainly ahead of his time, his research underlines the importance of the very modern concept of ‘One Health’ which promotes an understanding of parasite ecology and its interactions with wild and domestic animals, humans and their environment. This integrated view of zoology is very much in keeping with the training that we give to zoologists today.