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Science meets Art in the Zoological Museum

Anthropomorphia is a two-site Dublin exhibition by multidisciplinary Visual Artists Mel French and Celine Sheridan. The Complex Gallery, curated by Mark O’Gorman, and The Zoological Museum in Trinity College are exhibiting work that stems from a collaborative research engagement within the fields of Zoology and Psychology. Both French and Sheridan’s artwork reflects on and engages with the psychosomatic of both human and animal. 

The work includes drawings, sculptures and multimedia work, influenced by engagement with Dr Martyn Linnie and academics from the Zoology Department Trinity College Dublin, Helen Clarke Bennett from Dublin Zoo, and discussions with zoologist and author Desmond Morris, and zoological and psychological writings including that of Lucy Cooke and Susie Orbach. 

The work, intrinsically exhibited amongst the specimens in Zoological Museum TCD, originates from the process and research side of the artists’ practice and includes sketchbook work, maquettes, work being developed for future artworks, and finished pieces. These works are an integral to a larger project ‘Anthropomorphic, Mammalia and the Hominidae’, a research collaboration between both visual artists that began in 2019. This project reflects on and engages with the psychological, social and physicality (psychosomatic) of both the human and animal condition, looking through the lens of parental roles and infant rearing, societal and gender roles, mental health, and anthropomorphism. The work has also been developed in response to the collection exhibited at The Zoological Museum, TCD. 

For more information contact: 

The Zoological Museum, Trinity College Dublin 

7th June  25th August. Open 10.30-4 daily. 4 admission (including admission to the Zoological Museum). Telephone: 01 8961366 

          The Complex Gallery, Arran St.E, Smithfield, Dublin 7 

9th  23rd June, Opening times: Monday-Friday 10-5pm Sat 12-5pm 

Telephone:01 537 8352 

Science meets Art in the Zoological Museum