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Practising your presentation

Most people never practice delivering their presentation. It is essential that you practise. The more you practise, the more familiar you will be with the content, your pace of delivery, and it will give you a chance to correct things you don't like. Practise improves confidence!

Preparation and practice are the best medicine for nerves:

  • Become familiar with the venue - practice there if possible.
  • Try imagining the room and giving the presentation in a successful way.
  • Use positive thoughts.
  • Know your material
  • Anticipate what might go wrong and prepare ahead, i.e. a glass of water in case your mouth goes dry.
  • Take a deep breath, inhaling through the nose and exhaling through your mouth to relieve tension - no one can see you do it!

Useful resources

For a great range learning resources in a variety of formats, Click here to enrol the SLD Blackboard module.