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International Students

What Do Professors Say?

Undergraduate Students

Depending on your course, Trinity Professors (lecturers) might have very specific expectations from their students. In some cases, these expectations are explained in your course handbooks, so consulting those is a very important step in gaining a better understanding of what you need to do. In other cases, you might feel the need to go beyond the course handbook if you need more specific information. You can read more about how you can approach your lecturer or teaching assistant in our guide How to Study in Trinity: A Guide for International Students.

We also asked some of Trinity’s lecturers for more general advice for their international students, and you can see how, in many cases, their recommendations can be used irrespective of the school or course you are studying in.

Connect with Support Services!

“Please let your tutor know if you need particular supports, it is important to connect with the various people who are here to help you!” Dr. Desmond Ryan, Director of Teaching and Learning (Undergraduate), School of Law

If you are not sure who your tutor is, you can find out here

Academic English can be a tough skill to master, but do not despair, there are solutions!

“I think the typical issues for foreign students tend to be about polishing their academic English and developing critical writing. One tip I suggest to quite a few students (local as well as international) is to identify the top journals in their field, select 1or 2 articles that they like or that have been strongly recommended, and  read them for style rather than content - eg: use of language, structure, referencing, clarity of argument etc. Becoming a reviewer is quite a good way to improve one's own writing. Reading carefully can help with sentence structure as well, but international students often need more specialised help with grammar, vocabulary and proof-reading.” Ruth Torode, Social Work

Trinity Library has a large database of academic journals, click here: You can find more support with English language skills here.

Make the most of what Trinity has to offer!

“Try to make the most of the many extra-curricular opportunities open to students within College. Trinity College has over 130 societies and clubs, catering for all interests. Several societies cater specifically for Law students, such as the Law Society, the European Law Students’ Association and the College Branch of the Free Legal Advice Centre Ltd. Involvement in these is an excellent way to integrate into the student community, as well as to develop many of the skills that are important in your study of Law" Dr. Desmond Ryan, Director of Teaching and Learning (Undergraduate), School of Law

If you need to find out more information about clubs or societies and those that are specific to your discipline, you can visit the Central Societies Committee

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