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What We Do...

We offer free, confidential and non-judgemental support to registered students of Trinity College Dublin and the Marino Institute of Education, who are experiencing personal and/or academic concerns.

Our team of qualified counsellors and learning strategists are committed to promoting and protecting wellbeing and success throughout a diverse student body.

No matter who you are, no matter what your situation is, the Student Counselling Service is here to support you through your difficulties.


If you are struggling to cope with problems of a personal nature, we would like to encourage you to book an appointment with one of our counsellors before the situation escalates any further.

The Counselling Team is staffed by experienced clinical and counselling psychologists/psychotherapists who are registered with the Irish Council of Psychotherapy (ICP) or the Psychological Society of Ireland (PSI).

We offer online, one to one and group counselling services.

If you are interested in counselling and would like to learn more about the options available to you, please click here to see our Counselling Services section.

Consultation and Training

The Student Counselling Service provides a number of consultancy, and professional services for staff supporting students with mental health and wellbeing:

Consultation and Advice

Availability to consult with staff by phone or through individual meetings, to guide on student related concerns.


Tailored workshops facilitated on request related to topics such as Dealing with Students in Distress, Managing Risk Issues, Communication and Listening skills, Managing Stress and Mindfulness

Trainings for Psychological Response Team in support of the College Emergency Response planning

Offer Trainee and Volunteer Opportunities

TCD SCS offers excellent learning opportunities for trainees, post Masters/Doctorate interns and volunteers to work with students in an individual, group and on-line capacity.

We are a fast paced busy service which utilises a Brief Therapy model. The student population is diverse in terms of ethnicity, sexual orientation and gender. Students present with a multiplicity of issues which vary greatly in severity.  Clinicians really learn to hone in on their assessment skills, as well as increasing their ability to liaise and consult with external providers.  We strongly encourage our trainees, interns and volunteers to get involved in our many groups that we run, and we are open to new ideas around workshops for both students and staff. We are passionately committed to providing a supportive place for growth and learning.  Regular Supervision is provided on site on an individual and group basis. We have a strong belief in inclusivity and welcome individuals from all theoretical orientations. We promote and celebrate diversity among our staff and clients alike.

We require interested parties to have at least 100 hours of counselling/psychotherapy experience before joining our team.

Please email any queries to Trish Murphy at

Students Supporting Students

Many students find it useful to talk about their experiences with their peers. The Student 2 Student (S2S) service is a strictly confidential and non-judgmental way to discuss problems and/or to receive general guidance and support during your time in College.

S2S peer supporters and mentors are specially trained to listen and to inform. To learn more about S2S, please visit

Academic Support

If you want to maximise your academic performance contact Student Learning Development and avail of our drop-in service, one-to-one appointments, online resources and workshops. We offer guidance on academic writing and presenting, critical thinking skills, exam skills, exam stress and self-management strategies.

Please visit our website: or email: for more information.

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Last updated 11 June 2018