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The Trinity Sport Union is the governing body for student sport in Trinity. All sport clubs as well as the Pavilion Bar committee are part of the Sport Union.

General Meeting Results (27.04.2022):

The DUCAC (Dublin University Central Athletic Club) general meeting took place on Tuesday, 26th April 2022. Voting for the DUCAC committee and executive opened from 26th April at 7pm until 27th April at 7pm, the following representatives have been elected to the DUCAC committee and executive:

Chairperson: Liam Bean

Vice-Chairperson: Gwen McArdle

Secretary: Anna Grace Ulyses

Junior Treasurer: Andrew Syomushkin

Club representative: Evelyn Coughlan

Ciara Lynch (climbing)

Evan Rankin (hockey)

Fiona Doyle (DUHAC)

Greg Arrowsmith (sailing)

James O'Brien (DUBC)

Jane Prendergast (DULBC)

Constitutional change: Name change ratified

Pavilion Bar Committee Chair: Cyril Smyth

Senior Honorary Treasurer: Matthew Simons

Club reps: Craig Gillespe (Trampoline), Jane Prendergast (DULBC), Tomas Gomez (Ultimate Frisbee)

Trinity Sport Union Committee:

Executive Committee

The DUCAC Executive Committee is composed of 24 people.

The Trinity Sport Union Executive Committee shall hold not less than five meetings per year and shall hold at least two meetings in each teaching term and each meeting will start at 4pm.

Notice of all matters to be considered at meetings of the Executive Committee shall be given to the Honorary Secretary at least three working days before the meetings, and no subject shall be discussed unless such notice has been given, expect by the consent of the Chairman.

Agenda & Minutes will be posted here.

Captains Committee

The Captains Committee is comprised of the captains from each of the affiliated clubs with the Sport Union. There are 3 meetings a year and primarily they nominate Pinks for the current academic year.

Pinks are awarded for representation at the highest level of your sport as well as for showing dedication and commitment to your club.

Pavilion Bar Committee

The Pavilion Bar Committee oversee the governance of the Pavilion Bar. A percentage of the profits from the bar are given back to the Sport Union to invest in the sports clubs.

The Committee is chaired by Cyril Smyth and other members are;

  • Honorary Secretary Trinity Sport Union
  • 2 Members nominated by the Sport Union Executive
  • 2 Ex officio Members
    • The Head of Sport and Recreation
    • The Pavilion Manager


Pavilion Members Committee

The Pavilion Members Committee is made up of University Staff and Graduates. The committee is chaired by TBC and the other representetives are:

  • Honorary Secretary of the Sport Union
  • 2 - members nominated by the Sport Union Executive
  • Ex officio the Head of Sport and Recreation


For any questions regarding Student Sport Representation please contact: