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Joining a sports club as a staff member


Can Trinity staff join the college’s sports clubs?

Yes they can, once a club accepts them as a member and it is permitted in their constitution. Each club will be able to confirm their eligibility criteria.

How do I join a sports club?

You will need to contact the club and pay the club registration fee. This fee varies from club to club.

Are there any other fees I will need to pay?

You will possibly need to become a member of the sports centre so you will need to pay the joining fee for this.

How do I become a sports centre member?

To get started we would suggest that you email or call 01 896 4116 to schedule a 10-15 minute consultation. This will allow you to find out more about the fantastic facilities and services available. If you have any queries they will be answered too.

Can I compete for Trinity sports clubs?

You cannot compete in student leagues or competitions although you may compete in non-student competition.