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Trinity Sport and you are climbing Mont Blanc from the 15th - 22nd March 2021.
Climb western Europe's highest mountain from the comfort of your home, while raising money and awareness for mental health.

More Information Here


Join us and set yourself a new goal.





Marchathon is a fun team Step Challenge that takes place in March each year. members of staff and students can then get together to form a team of 3-6 people before Marchathon starts on the Monday 1st March 2021.
Choose your Team Name and nominate a Team Captain. Each participant needs to have a working email address and have a registered and verified Active Travel Logger account. Your Team Captain will be the main point of contact for your team and will set up your team on the Active Travel Logger website.
For more information, please see:


Trinity Operation Examination

Exercise is essential for mental health, academic learning and enhancing our wellbeing. During exams even short bursts of exercise (10 minutes) can boost our mental alertness, energy levels and mood. Come along to the gym or a fitness class to help reduce stress and anxiety during this exam period.

Our online classes are available here

Online Bookings

Trinity Sport new online booking service is now available to all. To avail of these services, you first have to activate your Trinity Sport online account. Keep an eye on our social media pages for short active breaks during the exam period.


For details of all student mental health supports in Trinity, please go to

Trinity Operation Transformation - Click Here


Mile-Athon Challenge 2020

Trinity Sport Mile-athon Challenge

Teams or individuals are challenged to complete 26.02 miles in mile intervals. (one person must do the extra 0.2m!) This is completed over a 5-day period and the team that completes this challenge in shortest time wins! You must record your time and distance for each mile. Screen shots of your time and distance must be submitted.


Registration: 2nd-8th November here.

Team captains must register team. (A team name, participants names and email addresses are needed for registration)
Event: 9th – 13th November
Submit results: 14th & 15th November
Teams: 1-10 people
• Mixed, all male or all female it doesn’t matter.
• Your team must collectively run 26 x 1-mile efforts and someone on your team does the extra 0.2m to make up the full marathon distance.
• Team members can run more than once and how the efforts are distributed within your team is up to you.
• Team Time Sheets will be emailed to team captain after registration.
• Teams sheets to be returned to Charlotte-
• Results will be announced on Monday 16th November.

Walktober Challenge 2020

What is Walktober?

Walktober is a fun, free and team building annual event to encourage you to take more daily steps and increase your activity levels. It is open to all staff and students of partners of the Smarter Travel Workplace and Campus Programmes.

Register Now

How does Walktober 2020 work?

The aim of the challenge is to encourage and support staff and students to walk more, particularly on the commute, and to support and facilitate long term physical activity. Participants are asked to form a team, register online, and use an activity tracker/download a step counting app, and get walking from Monday, 5th October to Sunday, 1st November 2020.

How to take part

1. Get into a team of 3-6 people, including the captain
2. Sign up online
3. Participants can download an app, buy a pedometer, step counter, or other step tracking device.
4. During the Challenge: participants are asked to log steps online at
5. From the 5th October to 1st November get walking where possible while aiming to increase your steps throughout the challenge.
6. Have fun and get competitive!

Note: During the challenge we use an honesty based system, but spot checks on the accuracy of step entries will be done throughout. Teams who receive an email or phone call to verify their steps are asked to please respond as soon as possible so that delays to the publication of the leader board are avoided.

Walkober 2020 FAQs

Sports Centre Website:


Twitter: @Stcampus



Monday the 20th of July to Sunday the 9th of August

What is CycleLocal?

CycleLocal is a fun three-week cycling event designed to engage staff, build morale and increase activity.
This is a team event where participants complete the trips on their own but share their experience with workmates and contribute to their team’s tally. Short cycles outdoor and indoor count as trips. Staff who are not signed up are also welcome to join in and enter the weekly Creative Competitions. Every participant, cyclist or competition entrant plays their part in helping their organisation to win the overall prize.
So, whether we get out on our bikes to explore our neighbourhoods, enter competitions or we take to the stationary bike when the children have gone to sleep; we can stay active, enjoy the activity of cycling and remain connected to our colleagues.

How do I participate?

Visit the Active Travel Logger website to register your team and to invite your colleagues and friends. During the three weeks of CycleLocal, each cyclist will log the number of trips they complete each week.
Once a participant has been cycling for at least 10 minutes that qualifies as a trip. If you do a few loops of your estate over 30 minutes, that still counts as one trip.
Trips made should adhere to the government guidelines i.e. all trips should be within the government’s distance guidelines and at least 2 metres should be kept between cyclists and other road users at all times.

CycleLocal Prizes

Teams will be eligible to win prizes each week once the team trip average meets or exceeds the modest trip targets (3 trips in week one, 4 trips in week two and 5 trips in week three). All trips count, once they take place between the morning of July 20th and midnight on August 9th.
Individuals who reach the target contribute to the organisations tally, as do all staff and their households who enter into the CycleLocal Creative Competitions. Ranking on the leaderboard is based on the number from your organisation who –

a. Take part in the weekly creative competitions
b. Cycle and achieve the weekly team targets

By ranking at the top of the leaderboard your organisation can win a memento for participants, a Best Organisation trophy and a €400 donation to the charity of your choice.


Find more information in the CycleLocal Team Guide

Benefits of cycling

Find more information here.

Swim for a Mile 2020 - Starting Monday 27th January

Get planning for 2020 and start your year right, with the Swim For a Mile (SFAM) Challenge! We are all heading into the festive season and we should enjoy it with the comfort of knowing, that there is a 12-week training programme waiting for us in the New Year! 

How it works

  1. Swim for a mile login or Signup: Creating an account is free or you can login to your existing account.
  2. Access Training: Login and access your free training programme which will be released in January 2020.
  3. Select & Pay: Select your venue, date & time slot for the timed event and pay to secure your booking-Once you have created your SFAM account, you can book your 2020 event and avail of our early bird December rate of €25 – simply enter the coupon: earlybird on check out for the €5 discount. (Registration Fee is for Swim Ireland and is separate to Trinity Sport)
  4. Swim your Mile: Prepare for your challenge properly with limited free coaching clinics via Swim Ireland or Sign up to Trinity Sports Coached sessions (Times and prices below).

Coached Training Times (FULLY BOOKED)

Monday: 17.00pm-18.00pm

Wednesday: 17.00pm-18.00pm

Cost for coached sessions

€50- Students and Trinity Sport Members

€80- Non members

  • All coached sessions must be pre booked which include 2 sessions per week.
  • Proof of registration is needed to sign up for coached sessions.

3 month membership available for non-members

Do you want to use Trinity Pool but on your own time? Sign up for a 3 month membership at the Special Rate of €150 for Swim for a Mile participants.

Frequently Asked Questions

Registration & Training programme:

Swim for a Mile Final Event Date:

Student Swim for a Mile: Cancelled

Main Swim for a Mile: Thursday 7th May 2020 10am-7pm


If you need additional help with your training Coaching swimming sessions can be arranged.  Contact for more information.

Academic Bicycle Challenge 2019

Sign up today

The Academic Bicycle Challenge (ABC) is the new international cycling contest for universities and colleges. The ABC wants to find the most active cycling institutions of higher education worldwide. Our university is joining the ABC in November 2019. Together we will be able to prove that we are awesome on the bicycle as well!

We warmly invite you to cycle as often as possible during one month, for your fitness and for climate protection! Collect miles for your team and for our university! No matter if you cycle in your leisure time or on your way to university. All trips count, everywhere.

This is how it works: Get the Naviki app, enable ABC participation in the app settings, join a team or create your own one. Then simply cycle and record all trips. That way you collect miles for yourself, for your team, for your academic discipline and for our university. You will see the effect any time in the leaderboards available within the app. The thrill rises, day by day. Who is going to be most active? 

All students and staff members of our university are welcome to participate. The ABC will last 30 days, from 1st November 2019. The ABC is an annual event.

Rankings and further information:

The Academic Bicycle Challenge (ABC) is a new International Cycling Contest for Universities and Colleges. The Academic Bicycle Challenge (ABC) combines joyful cycling, healthy exercise, and climate protection. The common goal of the challenge is simply: collecting as many cycled miles as possible.

Global awareness

Bicycles can change – at least a little bit! We're convinced that the ABC is an important global change for a better lifestyle. How? Through collective cycling! The ABC will generate attention for the huge potential of everyday and leisure cycling. It will point up the benefits of cycling for us and the environment.

Promote Cycling

With the ABC we are committed to promote healthy, social academic environments with green campuses. The aim is to playfully inspire people all around the world to cycle more often; together with you we would like to embody the change we want to see in the world. That’s why the ABC was designed.

Promote wellbeing

Cycling is a healthy, low-impact exercise that can be enjoyed by people of all ages, from young children to older adults. It is also fun, cheap and good for the environment.

Why Get Involved:

Join the Academic Bicycle Challenge for more cyclists on the road, fresh air, fewer CO2 emissions, Prizes and a healthy lifestyle! The benefits are endless for you – the cyclist!

Cycling is a low impact exercise that boasts several health benefits which include:

  • Increased cardiovascular fitness
  • Increased muscle strength and flexibility
  • Improved joint mobility
  • Decreased stress levels
  • Improved posture and coordination
  • Decreased body fat levels
  • Reduced anxiety and depression

Participate in the ABC 2019!

You're a student or staff member of Trinity College
Click here and join the ABC

Fit4Life Social Run/Walk Group

Sign up today

  • Sign up here
  • You don't have to be sporty, but you do have to move!
    Healthy Trinity: Social Walking/Jogging/Running Group

    Do you find it difficult to find time to exercise?  Would you like to get healthier and meet new people from Trinity?  Healthy Trinity’s free weekly Social Walking/Jogging/Running Group can help.

    • Day: Wednesdays
    • Time: 1.05-1-35
    • Location: Meet at the steps of the Pavilions
    • Lack of time is the number one reason people don’t exercise so we’ll get you done and dusted in 30 minutes.  Here’s how:


      Warm up as a group and get to know other people participating


      Join one of three groups (Walkers; Joggers: Runners) for 20 minutes of exercise.  All groups will circle the Fitness Trail.  There will be optional intervals marked where people can go faster to build fitness and slower to catch their breath.   


      Cool down as a group. 

      The group aims to be social, not competitive. If you'd like to use an app to review your own progress Healthy Trinity has some reviews here.

      Martina Mullin from College Health and Deirdre Mullen-Mc Guinness from Trinity Sport will facilitate this group. To register online go to:

      For more details or to register offline:

    • Email: Deirdre on
    • Phone: 01 896 4681
    • Or turn up on the day
    • Visit our Facebook or Twitter:

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    Q: Will there be somewhere secure to mind my bags while I'm exercising?

    A: If you arrive before 1.05 we will store your bags.

    Q: Is the group only on one day?

    A: At the moment, we only organise the group on Wednesdays. We will be encouraging people to meet other days independently of us. That's why we're focusing on the social side. So ask around when you're doing your circuits. No doubt others will be looking for a group on other days.

    Q: Can I start walking but build up to jogging or running?

    A: Yes, there will be four groups: Walking, Walking/Jogging; Jogging and Running. We will also mark intervals on the one km route where everyone is encouraged to go faster. You can use those intervals to go from walking to jogging until you feel fit enough to jog all the time.

    Q: Can I keep going for longer than 20 minutes?

    A: We will blow a whistle at 1.30 to call people back for the cool down. You can absolutely ignore us. Or you can use the trip back to where ever you're going afterwards as your cool down. We do recommend a good post-stretch to improve flexibility and prevent injury though.

    Q: Will you be tracking my progress?

    A: Because demand for this course has been high, we won't on this occasion be able to record progress. We highly recommend the use of an app. Here are some we like. If you'd like to submit a review of an app you like, drop an email to Martina on

    Q: Is it OK to miss a week?

    A: Absolutely. This is a social, flexible group. Come and go as you please. We'll be delighted to see you when you make it.

    If you've any questions, comments or suggestions for please email Deirdre on

    Fit 4 Life

    Ishka Fit4life - In Association with Athletics Ireland

    Would you like to become a Walking/Jogging Group leader and learn the following?

    Barriers to running, Outline of Fit4Life Program, Becoming a leader (roles and responsibilities), Health and Safety of group training and the Basics of coaching.

    Date:3rd October
    Location: Trinity Sport Board Room
    Time: 5.30pm-7.30pm

    Places are limited so email your interest to

    For any questions regarding our social sport services please contact: