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Walktober Challenge 2021

What is Walktober?

Walktober is a fun, free and team building annual event to encourage you to take more daily steps and increase your activity levels. It is open to all staff and students of partners of the Smarter Travel Workplace and Campus Programmes which takes place from the 4th - 31st October.

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How does Walktober 2021 work?

The aim of the challenge is to encourage and support staff and students to walk more, particularly on the commute, and to support and facilitate long term physical activity. Participants are asked to form a team, register online, and use an activity tracker/download a step counting app, and get walking from Monday, 4th October to Sunday, 31st October.

How to take part

1. Get into a team of 3-6 people, including the captain
2. Sign up online
3. Participants can download an app, buy a pedometer, step counter, or other step tracking device.
4. During the Challenge: participants are asked to log steps online at
5. From the 4th - 31st October get walking where possible while aiming to increase your steps throughout the challenge.
6. Have fun and get competitive!

  • Walktober Challenge Participant Guide 2021

  • Note: During the challenge we use an honesty based system, but spot checks on the accuracy of step entries will be done throughout. Teams who receive an email or phone call to verify their steps are asked to please respond as soon as possible so that delays to the publication of the leader board are avoided.

    Walkober 2021 FAQs

    Sports Centre Website:


    Twitter: @Stcampus


    Smarter Travel Cycle Challenge

    The Smarter Travel Cycle Challenge is a fun, free, trip-based team event for people of all cycling abilities that will coincide with National Bike Week 2021 (Sun 12th– Sat 18th Sept 2021). It is open to staff and students from workplaces and third level campuses who are partners of the Smarter Travel Programme. Participants have the chance to win some great prizes while connecting with their colleagues and organisation, being part of a team, and being active!

    The Cycle Challenge aims to celebrate cycling as a form of transport and as a pastime, encouraging people to integrate cycling into their lifestyles and see cycling as a viable option on their commute. Staff and students can get together to form teams of 2-6 people.

    Choose your Team Name and nominate a Team Captain. Each participant needs to have a working email address and have a registered and verified Active Travel Logger account. If you don’t yet have an account on the Active Travel Logger you can register here. Your Team Captain will be the main point of contact for your team and will set up your team on the Active Travel Logger website.

    Some tips for cycling can be found here.

    Fit4Life Social Run/Walk Group

    Sign up today

  • Sign up here
  • You don't have to be sporty, but you do have to move!
    Healthy Trinity: Social Walking/Jogging/Running Group

    Do you find it difficult to find time to exercise?  Would you like to get healthier and meet new people from Trinity?  Healthy Trinity’s free weekly Social Walking/Jogging/Running Group can help.

    • Day: Wednesdays
    • Time: 1.05-1-35
    • Location: Meet at the steps of the Pavilions
    • Lack of time is the number one reason people don’t exercise so we’ll get you done and dusted in 30 minutes.  Here’s how:


      Warm up as a group and get to know other people participating


      Join one of three groups (Walkers; Joggers: Runners) for 20 minutes of exercise.  All groups will circle the Fitness Trail.  There will be optional intervals marked where people can go faster to build fitness and slower to catch their breath.   


      Cool down as a group. 

      The group aims to be social, not competitive. If you'd like to use an app to review your own progress Healthy Trinity has some reviews here.

      Martina Mullin from College Health and Deirdre Mullen-Mc Guinness from Trinity Sport will facilitate this group. To register online go to:

      For more details or to register offline:

    • Email: Deirdre on
    • Phone: 01 896 4681
    • Or turn up on the day
    • Visit our Facebook or Twitter:

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    Q: Will there be somewhere secure to mind my bags while I'm exercising?

    A: If you arrive before 1.05 we will store your bags.

    Q: Is the group only on one day?

    A: At the moment, we only organise the group on Wednesdays. We will be encouraging people to meet other days independently of us. That's why we're focusing on the social side. So ask around when you're doing your circuits. No doubt others will be looking for a group on other days.

    Q: Can I start walking but build up to jogging or running?

    A: Yes, there will be four groups: Walking, Walking/Jogging; Jogging and Running. We will also mark intervals on the one km route where everyone is encouraged to go faster. You can use those intervals to go from walking to jogging until you feel fit enough to jog all the time.

    Q: Can I keep going for longer than 20 minutes?

    A: We will blow a whistle at 1.30 to call people back for the cool down. You can absolutely ignore us. Or you can use the trip back to where ever you're going afterwards as your cool down. We do recommend a good post-stretch to improve flexibility and prevent injury though.

    Q: Will you be tracking my progress?

    A: Because demand for this course has been high, we won't on this occasion be able to record progress. We highly recommend the use of an app. Here are some we like. If you'd like to submit a review of an app you like, drop an email to Martina on

    Q: Is it OK to miss a week?

    A: Absolutely. This is a social, flexible group. Come and go as you please. We'll be delighted to see you when you make it.

    If you've any questions, comments or suggestions for please email Deirdre on

    For any questions regarding our social sport services please contact: