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Scholarship programme



Champion (Level 1) Valued up to €40,000 in support. Includes up to €4,000 athletic bursary. Includes part or fully funded fees on selected courses, accommodation, athletic training, support, and relevant living expenses. This is primarily available for postgraduate journeys, aimed at supporting international calibre student athletes in target sports.

Varsity (Level 2) Valued up to €9,000 in support. Includes up to €3,500 bursary. Carded or Olympic pathway level athletes, along with significant athletic calibre will be considered. These will be assessed sport by sport, with athlete’s home national structure and international ranking factored into the final decision.


Valued up to €5,000 in support. Includes up to €1,500 in bursary. Criteria will likely feature those up to Senior or U20, County, and/or International representation. These will be assessed sport by sport, with athlete’s home national structure and international ranking factored into the final decision.

Development & Academy

Valued at up to €2,500 in support. Limited bursaries available up to €1,000. This is an athlete development tier. Those in this tier may be selected by focus sport coaches as individuals who are part of the focus sport development pathways. Athletes outside of focus sports may still apply and enter this tier at the discretion of Trinity Sport. They must demonstrate genuine potential in their sport as recognised by their National Governing Body. Typically athletes will have been part of junior development pathways in their chosen sport.


Physical Development

Trinity has employed highly qualified Strength & Conditioning coaches who are on hand at all times to supervise sessions and provide advice and technical coaching. Training programs can
be individually tailored by coaches and Exercise Physiologists for a wide range of performance needs. In many cases these programs can be tailored to feature annual training periodisation and long term physical development.

Medical Support

Trinity College has a Qualified Physiotherapist available who specifically covers athletes in the University. Trinity Sport also operates a partnership with Santry Sports Clinic operated by Prof. Cathal Moran. This ensures that athletes may avail of medical services rapidly to ensure they can return to the field of play as soon as possible. Diagnostic imaging, Surgical intervention and many other treatments are covered as a part of this pathway.

Lifestyle Support

Expertise is available to students regarding many aspects of student life. There are many potential issues which can occur at anytime during a competitive season. Trinity sport looks to provide support with academics and logistics, as well as providing career advice and guidance. The general health and wellbeing of a student athlete is paramount to maintaining a high level of performance in both sport and academics.

Career Support

Trinity Sport has a close relationship with many Sporting Governing Bodies and professional teams. The coaches and support staff are experienced in providing athletes with support which may allow them to develop and follow any sporting career aspirations. This may include advice as well as building highlight reel videos and providing exposure to team selectors and performance managers. We work closely with the Irish Sports Institute in ensuring our athletes are fully aware of current selection criteria and carding schemes.

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