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Programme Information

Our sports scholarships are broken down into four main categories;


The Scholarship awarded is reflective of sporting achievements about which more information can be found here.

Financial bursary
Some scholarships come with a financial bursary. The total sum reflects the level of scholarship. This bursary is paid in two instalments throughout the academic year pending terms of scholarship being met. This bursary goes towards accommodation, living expenses, travel, equipment and other costs.

Strength & Conditioning Support and access to High Performance Gym.
All scholars and performance team members will have access to the High Performance gym. The High Performance Gym at Trinity Sport is an area designated to the High Performance Pathway Program. Teams and scholars have exclusive access to this area which is supervised by specialist Strength and Conditioning Professionals. The use of this area is restricted to teams and scholars who are assigned training sessions in order to support their competitive needs.

The Gym is outfitted with strength and conditioning equipment which allows bespoke programs to be delivered to a number of sporting disciplines. There is a wide range of free weight, conditioning and rehabilitative equipment selected to best support Student Athletes. This area is used in collaboration with the Sports Medicine Unit at Trinity Sport in efforts to deliver “Return to Play” protocols.

Trinity has employed highly qualified Strength & Conditioning coaches who are on hand at all times to supervise sessions and provide advice and technical coaching. Training programs can be individually tailored by coaches and Exercise Physiologists for a wide range of performance needs. In many cases these programs can be tailored to feature annual training periodization and long term physical development.

Nutritional Support
All scholars have the opportunity to attend a cooking skills workshop each year. This workshop is held off site in the Dublin Cookery school and hosted by the team at Mynutrition Ireland. The workshop looks specifically at the needs of a student athlete. It addresses meal preparation, storage, shopping on a budget and time saver recipes. In addition it covers basic sports nutrition and eating to promote health and performance.

We also hold several smaller sessions throughout the year which address specific needs such as increasing or decreasing bodymass, game day nutrition and other nutritional strategies.  Expertise is always available to the scholar to ensure they get the best advice and support possible.

Allergy Screening
Scholarship recipients will have the opportunity to avail of an allergy screen. This is operated by Allergy Ireland under Allergy specialist Dr. Paul Carson. This screen highlights any allergies to common environmental and nutritional allergens, he effects of which can be significantly detrimental to performance if left unmanaged.

Cardiac Screening
Scholarship recipients will have the opportunity to avail of a cardiac screen. It highlights any potential risks to individuals who may suffer from unknown issues relating to the heart. This is very worth while in ensuring the health and safety of athletes who train and compete extensively.

Medical Pathway Cover
Trinity College offers medical cover to all scholarship recipients. We have a Qualified Physiotherapist available who specifically covers athletes in the University. We also have a partnership with Santry Sports Clinic operated by Prof. Cathal Moran. This ensures that athletes may avail of medical services rapidly to ensure they can return to the field of play as soon as possible. Diagnostic imaging, Surgical intervention and many other treatments are covered as a part of this pathway. The Pathway of Care Provides medical insurance to all those who may suffer injury during training or competition while representing the University.

Physiological Support
Scholarship recipients may available of support through the High Performance Laboratory in the University. Physiological testing as well as program input is available to those who require it. This may include Anthropometric testing, Fitness and Strength testing, Lactate testing and a wide range of other assessments which may be needed.

Media Support
Expertise is available to scholarship recipients regarding any media related issues. This may include advice regarding interviews for Television, Magazine and radio as well as managing social media pages. This is vital to those who may be inexperienced facing media during large competitions.

Lifestyle Support
Expertise is available to all scholars regarding many aspects of the student athlete life. This covers a broad range of support covering many potential issues. Academic support, time management, stress management, logistic management, career advice and health and wellbeing support may all lead to concerns which need to be supported in order to sustain a high level of performance. We represent the individual and put them first when dealing with any potential conflicts or issues which they might encounter during their time studying at the University.

Anti-doping seminars are held for scholarship recipients and delivered by the Irish Institute of Sport. These seminars cover the official testing procedures that should be expected at major competitions. In addition, the seminar covers a wide range of common supplements and medications which may have implications for drugs testing.

As part of the scholarship, recipients will have priority for accommodation in Trinity Halls. First year students from outside the Dublin area will receive first preference for a place in Halls of residence. They will be subject to the regular student accommodation fees.

Scholarship recipients will all receive full scholarship sports kit from the college clothing supplier. In addition they will have access to a free locker within the Sports Centre. In some cases scholars may also have qualify some of the University's other funding schemes. There are opportunities to apply for additional funding for travel etc. to competition through Trinity Association and Trust fund.


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