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Trinity Men's Rowing traces its origins back to 1836 and remains a mainstay of Irish rowing. Trinity’s long history includes Championship wins, Henley men’s and women’s wins, World Champions and Olympians. At its core, Trinity Rowing values the concept of team unity and the willingness to improve both as a student and rower. Rowers at Trinity train at a high-performance level without sacrificing the academic mission of the individual. This balance is maintained through a highly organized program that is communicated clearly to all rowers.

A typical week includes 8-11 training sessions for both male and female rowers depending on their level. The training modes include rowing, ergometer (RP3), cross-training, strength training and functional movement. In addition, on-water training relies heavily upon small boats and the ability to enhance technical skills. Furthermore, the importance of developing strength, movement symmetry, nutrition and lifestyle management are valued and led by our high-performance strength and conditioning staff. At Trinity, you will receive a world-class education that compliments your rowing and prepares you for the life well-beyond graduation.

We attempt to deliver the finest training environment of any Irish University. To reinforce this mission, we teach the importance of team and accountability reinforced by a strong work-ethic. To support this philosophy, we value our tradition and take great pride in representing current and past rowers. The future is bright as we continue to do better each and every day.