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Dublin University Boat Club (DUBC) and Dublin University Ladies Boat Club (DULBC) finish season in style with wins at the National Rowing Championships 2023

Published: July 28th, 2023

Dublin University Boat Club and Dublin University Ladies Boat Club finished the university rowing season with great results at the 2023 National Rowing Championships, hosted at Cork’s National Rowing Centre between 14 and 16 July. DULBC came away with three championship titles while DUBC achieved a further title. Strong performances were seen by both clubs in remaining races.

Alicia O’Neill, 22/23 captain of the women’s rowing club noted DULBC were ‘delighted’ to win three national championship titles across a variety of crews from novice to senior experience levels. With the DULBC Novice 8+, Novice 4x+, Intermediate 1x and Intermediate 2- (Anna Liffey DULBC alumni club) all placing first in their events, she notes the results are ‘testament to the athletes and coaches and their commitment and dedication throughout the year.’

DUBC’s 22/23 captain Isabel Doyle sees the event as this year’s rowing season peak for the club, in particular respect to the recent weekend’s 8s championships title. The Club 8+ placed first by a margin of two feet with 0.2 seconds over 6 minutes separating the crew from second place. The captain notes that ‘to come away with one of these titles reflects the hard work put in by all this year.’ DUBC is particularly proud of this title as half of this crew have only seen their second year of rowing during the 22/23 season.

Success continued for both clubs in their remaining races. DUBC’s Intermediate 8+, Novice 8+ and Novice 4x all placed second in their respective races while the men’s alumni club won their first pot in decades with Mark Quigley who learned to row with the club and who trained alongside the club this year. This pattern of strong results continued with DULBC’s further races, seeing their Senior 1x (Grace Healy) win second place, the Senior 4- and Club 2 4+ achieving third place and a fourth place result for the Intermediate 4+ and 2x.

Isabel Doyle, DUBC captain, notes these results speak volumes about how strong their development is as a club, predicting a bright future for DUBC. Following these results, DULBC is ‘excited to build on these performances’ and looks forward to the next season, hoping to reach new heights at both national and international levels. Following her Intermediate 1x success at National Championships, Grace Healy went on to represent Ireland at the International Home Regatta at Lough Rinn, Co. Leitrim on 22 July.

Trinity Sport congratulates both clubs for this fantastic season and joins DUBC and DULBC with high hopes for development and success in the coming season.

DUBC results:
Club 8+: 1st.
Margin: 2 feet
Crew: Isabel Doyle, Ronan Brennan, Cormac Feely, Sam Walker, MacDara Allison, Jack Doyle, Anrijs Lorencs, Benjamin Reid, Christopher Dehaene
Intermediate 8+: 2nd.
Margin: 1/2 length
Novice 8+: 2nd
Margin: 2/3 length
Novice 4x-: 2nd
Margin: Canvas
Club 1x: 1st
Margin: Comfortably

DULBC results:
Novice 8+: 1st
Crew: Muirne Cocoman, Ashla Copeland, Julia Dunne, Jeanne Hurteloup, Amelie Ní Roíbeard, Eliza Barret-Cotter, Emily Foy, Cleo Gallen, RoseAnn Fitzgerald.
Novice 4x+: 1st
Crew: Muirne Cocoman, Ashla Copeland, Julia Dunne, Amelie Ní Roibeard, Eliza Barret-Cotter
Intermediate 1x: 1st
Grace Healy
Intermediate 2-:
Crew (Anna Liffey alumni club): Gill Crowe, Hazel O’Neill
Senior 1x : 2nd
Grace Healy
Senior 4-: 3rd
Intermediate 4+: 4th
Senior 8+: 4th
Intermediate 2x: 4th
Club 2 4+: 3rd