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'Revised plan for this year's rowing Colours'

Published: 16th March 2017

This year’s rowing Colours between Trinity and UCD takes place on the River Liffey this Saturday, March 18.

Unlike in previous years, this year buses will not be following the race nor will people be permitted to follow it on bikes. There will, however, be two buses situated at the finish line and these will be used as a viewing gallery.

Running order for Saturday’s event is as follows:

  • Novice women - 1.30pm
  • Novice men - 2pm
  • Senior women - 2.30pm
  • Senior men - 3pm

Colours, the Dublin university boat races, are an annual event on the River Liffey echoing the world famous Oxford/Cambridge university boat race in London. It has taken place in various locations on the Liffey throughout the years and is currently raced from O’Connell Bridge to St James’s Gate brewery.

The senior men’s race, The Gannon Cup, takes its name from former UCD captain, Ciaran Gannon. The women’s race, the Corcoran Cup, was inaugurated in 1980 when it was won by Trinity.

Races for novice men (Dan Quinn Shield) and novice women (Sally Moorhead Trophy) were introduced in 2004 and 2005 respectively.