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Cade Ryan - a man with his eyes on the prize

Published: 25th July 2017

For some students, summer is a time to kick back and let your hair down after one academic year finishes and another starts. Then there are others like Cade Ryan who will be training with intensity throughout July and August.

That’s because September is a big month for Cade, a Trinity Sport scholar in kayak/canoe slalom.

“I have two upcoming competitions in September. The first is the World Cup Final in La Seu D'Urgell, Spain, in the first week of September; the second is the World Championships in Pau, France, in the last week of September.”

While both are big races, they hold an extra significance for Cade, who has his sights set on the 2020 Olympics.

“The 2019 World Championships will be acting as the primary Olympic qualifying race, and that race will be held in La Seu, the same course as the World Cup Final this year, so time on the water there is hugely valuable to me.

“Also the World Championships this year will hopefully give me an accurate picture of the progress I will need to make in the next two years in order to realise my 2020 Olympic dream.”

To that end Cade is currently training five to six times a week on the water, with two to three gym sessions on top of that. Then there are usually two or three additional activities like climbing, swimming or football. He’s juggling all this with full-time work as well.

“I’m working full-time this summer in Microsoft. The work itself is challenging but I have found that striking the balance between work and training is much easier than the balance between college and training.

“In general, I can leave my work behind me at 6pm until 9am the following morning, so I have plenty of time before and after work to focus on resting and training. In college I often work from 6am until midnight each day, so finding an hour or two each day is more challenging.”

Working in Microsoft, he can train before work, giving him the evenings to either rest or play. This makes the process of training easier mentally.

Cade’s primary goal for September is simply to race well. “That sounds like a silly comment but I do mean it. I'm not overly focused with the results on the page, but I will be using these races as a way to quantify the distance between me and where I need to be in two years, so racing as well as I can will help me do that accurately.”