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6 lifts of Christmas

Published: 14th December 2017

  • Open challenge to all members of Trinity Gym
  • 6 Separate challenges
  • We will have a Female and Male category
  • The event will run from 5 -7pm on Monday, 18th December
  • Each individual taking part will get 1 attempt at each movement. The aim of each attempt is to get as many reps/ time completed as possible until failure or technique breaks down.
  • With a leader board for Male and Female we will have the top score for each event on the board at any given time. Every time a new best attempt is set it will go to the top of the leader board.
  • Once 7pm hits the clocks the name on the top of each event will receive a selected prize form Trinity.
  • Our in house Personal Trainers will be there to coach you through your attempts at each activity.





Max Reps Squat Challenge

40kg Back Squat OR 15kg Goblet

60kg Back Squat

Max Reps Deadlift Challenge

40kg Hex Bar or 20kg KB

70kg Deadlift

Tarzan Challenge


Chin Up Bars

Max Reps Bench Challenge

30kg Flat Bench OR 10kg Dumbbells

50kg Flat Bench

Lateral Raise Hold



Wall Sit Challenge


15kg Plate