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Boxing club rings the changes

Published: 9th August 2016

It works every muscle in your body, it caters to all aspects of physical fitness and it has both a strength and cardio element to it. It’s also surprisingly social even though it’s a non-team sport.

We’re talking about boxing of course and over the last year the boxing club in Trinity has transformed from a decent club to a real club, in the words of one member, with the results to prove it.

In January the boxing club migrated to new facilities in Trinity Technology & Enterprise Campus (TTEC) on Pearse Street, which has had a hugely positive effect on the club, according to ladies’ captain Aisling Anderson.

“Before the new gym, boxing was very much split between people who came purely for fitness and people who came to spar and fight. The fitness sessions used to be held in Ancillary Hall in the Sports Centre and sparring was held immediately after in Luce Hall. This meant that anyone who was not sparring missed out on a lot of the bonding that happened over the next hour or two,” Aisling says.

“With our new gym, we have enough space to hold our fitness and sparring sessions in the same room so members who do not wish to spar can stay around and punch bags, do shadow boxing or even skipping while some groups are sparring. We even have a nice corner with a kettle for tea and biscuits!”

Aisling also points out that the standard of boxing has improved dramatically since moving to the new gym. “We competed in both the junior and senior varsity competitions. Unfortunately we lost juniors by just 1 point despite winning 3/5 bouts, however, we won seniors after winning 7/9 bouts which was an amazing result.”

In addition to the physical benefits boxing brings, it also requires skill and focus, which can be the perfect antidote after a long day in college. “I think sport is particularly important in a university because you spend so much of the day in lectures or studying and you can mentally exhaust yourself. It's great to just focus on sport for an hour or two at the end of the day to clear your head.”

Anyone in good health can box and every year the boxing club spends the first few weeks teaching complete beginners how to get used to the movements. While the training can be tough it ends up being very social - both men’s and women’s go out together, particularly after fights, and there have been lost of lasting friendships formed within the club, according to Aisling.

So there you go – get fit and make friends all in the one place!

Trinity boxing club trains Monday, Wednesday, Friday at 5pm in TTEC, Unit 11, Pearse St, Dublin 2. For more information keep an eye on