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Islandbridge upgrade gets thumbs-up

Published: 1st November 2016

Upgrade works at Islandbridge, to provide new and improved storage for boats, have been completed.

Specially designed containers now house the boats when not in use. This has been facilitated by the clearing of 11 trees from the grounds and the building of a new slipway.

“This basically means we can now put everything undercover and store it properly so it will cause less damage to the boats and it’s also neater to the site,” explains Islandbridge boathouse superintendent Andrew Coleman (pictured above).

The improvements have also enhanced safety - the way the boats are now stored means members of DUBC and DULBC are not having to carry boats over boats.

“It also means that in terms of the usage we can make sure the correct people are using the correct boats, rather than just taking the boat that’s most convenient to them,” says Andrew, who is also head coach of DULBC.

The project took five weeks to complete, throughout which Trinity Sport worked in tandem with the OPW to ensure any changes protected the integrity of the site.

The final part of the project is the replanting of 14 trees to replace the 11 that had to be taken out but this can’t take place until the optimum planting time of mid-November to February.

A big benefit of the new containers, according to DUBC Development Officer Charlie Cunningham, is that they remove any need for boats to be stored on trailers. “The biggest thing for Trinity rowing, though, is the ease at which the boats can all be accessed. Gone are the dark mornings of rowers clambering up trailers to get at their boats. Simply locate the boats on the new racks and you have plenty of space and light to lift it off and get straight on the water. It may not seem like much but that five minutes of time saved means that's five more minutes to get the necessary work done before it gets too busy.”

Trinity have had a presence at Islandbridge since 1898, when college rowers relocated there from Ringsend.