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1. Transferring course within Trinity College

Students may apply, through their tutor, for permission to transfer to another course. Transfer applications, which must be made using a standard form, should be submitted to the Admissions Office, Academic Registry, Watts Building, who will process the applications on behalf of the Senior Lecturer.

While every effort will be made to allow adequately qualified students to change course, it will not be possible to permit a transfer into a course which already has a full complement of students. In the case of Junior Freshman transfers, students will not be permitted to transfer if they do not have sufficient points for the course into which they are seeking to transfer.
All students who are being considered for a transfer to the first year of another course should register for the course to which they were admitted.

Under no circumstances should students register or attend lectures for a course that they have applied to transfer to until their application to transfer has been formally approved by the Senior Lecturer.

For more information and deadlines, consult either the College Calendar at


Last updated 28 September 2017 Senior Tutor Office (Email).