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Head of Discipline - Role and Responsibilities

The responsibilities of Heads of Discipline will include:

  1. Providing academic leadership in the discipline, including advising junior colleagues in the context of promotion and promoting colleagues’ research opportunities.
  2. Having responsibility for the oversight of standards pertaining to the discipline, and (with Head of School) the preservation of disciplinary integrity.
  3. Briefing the Head of School on any matters relating to the welfare of the discipline in College.
  4. Participating on nominating committees and advising the Head of School on recruitment of part-time staff in the discipline, as appropriate.
  5. Being a member of Executive Committee of the School and (where one exists) the Research Committee
  6. Contributing to policy formation and strategic planning.
  7. Determining, with disciplinary colleagues, content and curriculum of major courses, e.g. Moderatorships or half-Moderatorships; liaising with course directors of interdisciplinary courses or taught postgraduate courses.
  8. Chairing meetings of the discipline.
  9. Proposing to the Director of Teaching and Learning (Undergraduate) the distribution of teaching for staff in the discipline.
  10. Representing, or nominating a representative of, the discipline on cross-School committees, e.g. Two-subject Moderatorship.
  11. Recommending to the Senior Lecturer the admission of non-standard students to the discipline.
  12. Advising the Director(s) of Postgraduate Studies / Research as appropriate on the assignment of research supervisors; advising on choice of examiners and all discipline-specific research issues within the School.
  13. Participating in quality reviews.
  14. Dealing with professional/accreditation issues affecting the discipline.