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Head of Discipline - Appointment

Heads of Discipline will be elected by the members of a disciplinary grouping within a School. The term of office is for a period of three years, renewable for a further three. Heads of Discipline are ex officio members of the Executive Committee of the relevant School.

It is normally expected that an incoming holder of an established Chair will serve as Head of Discipline for two terms, or six years in total, following which a new Head will be elected.


  • The electorate for Head of Discipline shall be academic staff1- part-time and full-time, who are listed on the electoral register in effect at the time of the election.
  • Three months before the expiry of the term of appointment of the existing Head of Discipline, the Head of School will inform staff of the need for an election and of the procedures to be followed.
  • The Head of School will receive nominations from electors from a candidate or candidates for Head of Discipline. A candidate must be an elector who holds the position of Associate Professor2 grade or above.
  • The Head of School will conduct an election by secret ballot, using the most recent electoral register, and will forward the nomination to Council and Board for approval.

1 For these elections academic staff is defined as Assistant Professor, Associate Professor and Professor In and Professor.
2 Candidates above the merit bar on the Assistant Professor scale will be considered in exceptional circumstances.