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Procedures for the Selection of Faculty Dean

Faculty Deans provide academic and strategic leadership within their Faculty. They play a pivotal role in the overall academic and strategic development of the College, and are members of the College's senior management team. A Faculty Dean will not hold any other office within College during the period of her/his Deanship. The term of office of the Dean should normally be five years with the possibility of renewal for a further three years on the approval of the Provost and a Faculty election.

The Dean will normally be selected by nomination and election and this method of selection will operate in all three faculties.

Further information on the election of the Dean is available in the 2010 Consolidated Statutes of Trinity College Dublin and of the University of Dublin (Chapter on Units, Schedule 2 (Deans, Heads and other Office-holders, Part 1 – Elections)

The following procedures will apply:

Eligibility 1

  1. Candidates for nomination must:
    a) be a full-time member of the Faculty concerned at professorial level (associate or chair).
    b) have demonstrated leadership in university administration, research and teaching


  1. Nominations for Faculty Dean should be from academic staff from within the Faculty concerned, and proposed and seconded by a member of the academic staff from within the Faculty electorate.
  2. Nominations will be made to the Faculty Executive Committee, chaired on this occasion by the Provost
  3. If a member(s) of the Faculty Executive Committee is nominated for election, s/he will withdraw from all discussions on the nomination eligibility process.
  4. In considering whether to accept, or otherwise, a nomination, the Faculty Executive will take into account the eligibility criteria, the role and responsibility of the Faculty Dean, and will have regard for the overall development and interests of the College.
  5. Acceptance of a nomination(s) will require the approval of the Provost.
  6. Where a nomination for Faculty Dean is deemed ineligible, the Faculty Executive Committee and the Provost will provide stated reasons.


  1. An election will take place provided at least one eligible candidate is approved by the Faculty Executive.
  2. The electorate for shall be:
    • Academic staff, part-time and full-time
    • Research staff, part-time and full-time
    • Support-staff, part-time and full-time
    pursuant to the 2010 Consolidated Statutes of Trinity College Dublin and the University of Dublin, Introduction Chapter, Schedule 2 (Electorate and Register) which sets out those eligible to be on the electoral register, and using the most recent electoral register.
    • Undergraduate and postgraduate student representatives2
  3. The academic staff vote should count for at least 70% of the total eligible vote, and the vote of the other three groups will collectively account for no more than 30%.


  1. Where there is only one candidate for election, s/he must secure 55% or more of the total votes cast to be elected Faculty Dean and at the same time secure 50% or more of the academic votes cast.
  2. Where there are more than two candidates for election, single vote transfer will operate.
  3. A candidate must secure 50% or more of the academic vote cast to be deemed successful.
  4. The Secretary to the College will be the Returning Officer for the elections.

Internal appointments

  1. If the nomination and election method of selection does not result in the appointment of a Faculty Dean, the Provost may appoint, in the same way as annual academic officers are appointed, a Dean from within the Faculty or College.

External appointments

  1. If a Dean is not appointed from within the College, the Faculty Executive Committee may seek to appoint a Dean from outside the College. The appointment of a Dean from outside the College will require the Provost's approval.
  2. The Provost will chair the search committee and the selection panel for this appointment.

1 Titles will be updated following full implementation of the Internationalisation of Academic Titles
2 The number of representatives to comply with the principles laid down in the Senior Lecturer’s memo to Council, ‘Student Representation on School, Vice-Deanery and Faculty Committees’, 4 October 2005