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Sophister courses in Science are organized so that students follow a continuous programme of work over two years leading to a Moderatorship in a particular subject. Each module (whether lecture, tutorial, seminar or practical) has a specified credit value, which is an approximate measure of the workload associated with the module, and is in turn reflected in its proportional weighting in assessment. One credit is normally considered to represent a minimum of 20 hours of work on the part of a student. Students take modules to the value of 60 credits in each of the Sophister years.

The following is a list of the Science TR071 Moderatorship (3rd year) subjects:

Environmental Sciences
Molecular Medicine
Physics & Astrophysics
Plant Sciences

Allocation of Places:

The Science Course office coordinates and processes the applications for Junior Sophister places in the TR071 Science course.  The procedures are documented below to show students that places are allocated in a fair, transparent and efficient manner.

The numbers of places available in each moderatorship subject is limited by quota.  Admission is based on the overall mark obtained in the Senior Freshman examinations to include the prerequisite modules and the order of choice as expressed by the student.
Decisions on places are made by the Science Course Office and students cannot be allocated a place by circumventing the Science Course Office and going to the disciplines directly.  All enquiries with regard to the allocation of places made to the disciplines will be redirected to the Science Course Office.

Places will be allocated in the following way until quotas are reached:

  • All students passing their summer examinations will be ranked in merit order on the basis of their overall mark.
  • Places will be allocated in rank order, with preference given to students who have passed the prerequisite modules of the course.
  • Students failing the Annual examinations must reapply for the remaining unfilled places until quotas are reached.  Second round choice of subject forms will be made available on-line following publication of the Annual examination results.
  • In the event of two or more students having equal overall averages seeking one place, the choice will be made in favour of the student gaining the higher mark in the SF module that are pre-requisites for the moderatorship in question. 
  • Examination results are posted on your portal
  • Publication of the JS places will be available on your portal, by the end of July 2019.
  • Students opting to go ‘off books’ rather than take up the place offered, will be treated as rising JS students in the following year.  Places will not be reserved for such students.  Students who apply for readmission will be considered for a place in the same way as the year in which they qualified (if a student did not qualify for a place in the first round, they will not be considered in the first round when they apply for readmission to the College).
  • Students wishing to change their mind over the summer vacation should email the Science Course office: - stating their new preference order.  If a place is available, they will be offered it and their vacated place will be offered to the next person in the queue.
  • Students who fail their Junior Sophister examinations in a given discipline and who are entitled to repeat, or who gain that entitlement through appeal, will be treated ex-quota in relation to that discipline.
  • Students who are given permission by the Senior Lecturer to defer their Annual examinations until the Michaelmas examinations session can defer a place in their first preference only.   Following publication of the Supplemental examinations, students who are sitting the annual examinations at the Supplemental session will be allocated a place based on the same criteria used in the summer allocation of places.  If the student in this category does not qualify for the deferred place, the Course Administrator will offer that student a place in one of the subjects available in the second round and the deferred place will be offered to the next qualified student from the annual examinations list. 

Special note: Students who have passed their Senior Fresh examinations may not repeat the SF year in order to improve their performance.

Sophister Choice of Subject Form 2019/2020:

The First Round Moderatorship Preferences deadline is Friday the 12th of April 2019.

The Second Round Moderatorship Preferences deadline is Friday the 2nd of August 2019.

Sophister Course Programme Booklet

The Science Sophister Course Programme 2019/2020