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The Physics Junior Sophister course has a value of 60 credits, 30 in each semester, composed of the following:

  • CORE modules 40 credits  (CORE modules are compulsory). 
  • Open modules 20 credits.

Students have a choice of three scenarios based on the semesters in which their chosen Trinity Electives occurs as previosuly advised. Students must read the Physical Sciences Programme 2021/22 and complete the form by choosing one of the scenarios (by clicking on the button on the left). Students can take one of the available open modules in each scenario (click the button to the left of the module you wish to take). Students who have chosen to take an elective in semester 1 and semester 2 will have a reduced Physics content in their degree. Some choices may limit later choices i.e. students take Computer Simulation II in the Senior Sophister year would be advised to have taken Computer Simulation I in Junior Sophister year. If a student changes their mind after an initial submission students may resubmit but must note the resubmission in comments box provided. Students must submit the JS Open module form no later that Friday 20th August 2021.

If you have any queries please contact your course advisor Prof. Cormac McGuinness


Student Details:

Physics JS Module Choice Form

  Semester 1 Semester 2
  Core Modules

PYU33P01 Quantum Mechanics I (5 credits)

PYU33P03 Condensed Matter I (5 credits)
  PYU33P15 Atomic Physics and Statistical Thermodynamics  (5 credits) PYU33P04 Semiconductor Physics  (5 credits)
  PYU33PP3 JS Physics Laboratory  (10 credits)
  PYU33P02 Electromagnetic Interactions I (5 credits)

PYU33PP4 JS Physics Laboratory (5 credits)

Open Modules Scenario I
  (5 credits)

  (5 credits) Trinity Elective (5 credits)

Open Modules Scenario II
  Trinity Elective (5 credits) PYU33P07 Experimental Techniques (5 credits)

(5 credits)
(5 credits)

Open Modules Scenario III

  Trinity Elective (5 credits) Trinity Elective (5 credits)
All data collected from this form is used strictly for the purposes of obtaining student choices. This data is only available to the staff of the discipline office and will be retained for reference purposes only.