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TR063 Junior Sophister

The choice of your preferred Moderatorship and hence of your preferred degree is a choice that a student makes towards the end of their Senior Freshman year. To inform the selection of your preferred Moderatorship a Physical Sciences Sophister handbook is available from this web-page. A choice of subject form is also available here. Any of the Course Advisors can be contacted if you have questions about each Moderatorship. First view the video on the Sophister years in these Moderatorships from the Physical Sciences Course Director.

The three available Moderatorships in Physical Sciences are of course the Physics Moderatorship, the Physics and Astrophysics Moderatorship and the Nanoscience Moderatorship. The structures, modules, practical elements, progression, capstone research projects, and the choices available whether among the Junior Sophister open modules, Junior Sophister Trinity Elective or Senior Sophister optional modules are listed in this handbook.

As the Physical Sciences Moderatorships have been rapidly evolving in light of the Trinity Education project, all of the information here as presented is as accurate as possible at the time of compilation of this document. However, module codes, the module content, the choice or breadth, or timing of available Core, Mandatory, Open or Optional modules and details of examinations are subject to change between this academic year and the beginning of the next when the second rising Junior Sophister students enter into the Sophister years of the Moderatorships within Physical Sciences, and the first cohort enters the Senior Sophister year. We are very happy for you to be with us on this exciting journey where these three Moderatorships are now presented in a way not possible before now with Core components and open modules in Junior Sophister and a new range of optional modules in the Senior Sophister year.

Specifically, within each Moderatorship there are opportunities to tailor your degree through your parallel choice of Trinity Electives in the summer; by subsequent choices within the Junior Sophister year of Junior Sophister Open modules; your preference of your Senior Sophister project, and your selection from among the Senior Sophister Open modules.  Whatever your pathway and whatever the Moderatorship ultimately chosen, it will be accredited by the Institute of Physics, the professional body for physicists in Ireland and in the United Kingdom, but further each of our physics degrees gives you a wide range of transferable skills which are valuable whether in research, industry or business.

Please read the TR063 Sophister Programme and complete the TR060 Moderatorship Choice Form below. The deadline for the selection of your preferred Moderatorship is Friday April 30th. The TR063 Course Director video will be available on Blackboard PYU22P20 module on the 9th April @ 14.00 hours.

If you require further assistance when making your choices you can contact the Course Advisors listed below.

Course Advisors


Professor Cormac McGuinness

Physics and Astrophysics

Professor Brian Espey


Professor Peter Dunne